Discovered whilst shopping in Stockholm at the age of 15, Selma initially dismissed the whole idea of modelling until being scouted again recently in London. This whimsical beauty loves 60’s music, dancing and volunteer work with children (she’s even made a documentary about the work she’s done in India). But with her first show season coming up, the Girl with the High Cheekbones and an unforgettable elfish vibe is sure to capture the attention of casting directors.


Full Name:
Selma Kalkan

177cm / 5′9.5″
79 cm / 31″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Linköping, Sweden

Date of Birth:
June 3


Mother Agency:

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  • anele

    the second arizona muse))

  • redemptn

    is she turkish ?
    beautiful face

  • Bruno

    Reminds Bambi

  • harlow

    my god, that face…… soooooooo pretty

  • sascha

    If I wouldn’t have seen the first picture, I wouldn’t like her. I love her face and everything, but she needs to get in the right scene like many models on here.

  • Ege

    YES! I feel like for the first time a Turkish model on here (I’m going to ignore that she lives in Sweden)!!! I think her face is pretty striking, it comes across and feline and aloof.

  • India

    this one is going to go far! Beautiful!

  • erika

    Exquisite…. & interesting too!

  • Kat

    I think she’s cute. She’s got some nice potential.

  • punked

    look super amazing¡¡¡

  • Julien

    I like her face but her polaroïds are really not avantageous.. She need a new hair color too

  • MRSO

    Looks polish

  • Phoebe

    I like her better with long hair and she definitely looks better in some pictures than other ones. However, she is very unique and a delicate beauty. I hope she does well!

  • Yasmin

    are they trying to “create” another arizona?:P I like arizona, but i don’t really get whats supposed to be so great aboput her… she doesn’t seem very fotogenic and in the polas her cheeks seem a bit weird?

  • erika

    Absolutely exquisite! Her face has a beautiful, elfin, unusual look.

  • mode

    she isn’t particularly photogenic

  • simbli

    Agree… It should be like “wow” when seeing her portfolio.. but I´m more like “ok, next?” Models should be amazing and breathtaking on photos :-(

  • meg

    aww shes so cute!

  • Theodora chilowa

    She is beautiful she has a face of a model.

  • ÖZGÜn

    Yes , her name and surname is Turkish. But she doesn’t look like .

  • sebastien

    Fiary face, but I think the polaroids aren’t her best’s

  • Karen

    She looks sincere and has something of french movies from the 60s over her. Plus she makes me want to wear what she´s wearing!

  • John

    Wow! She is really gorgeous!


    Absolutely stunning! One of the most beautiful models out there! And she just started…soon she will be taking over the whole fashion industry! Good Luck!

  • Heather

    She definitely has potential. IMO, her polaroids should have been shot with her looking up at the camera, not from lower angles.

  • Roger

    so many faces!

  • Toni

    She looks so beautiful, Arizona Muse watch out

  • Camilo

    Ooh fabulous, her cheekbones those eyes, I see a little bit of Arizona muse and björk in her. Love it!

  • Adnan

    She’s Bosnian for everyone who wonders