Daily Duo: Justin S.



Fresh faced Justin was signed with Lizbell Agency, Vancouver, Canada, after he recently sent in his photos. Currently on a slow burn, Justin has exaggerated features and a kind of dreaminess that will only intensify as he matures. It may not happen over night, but it will happen.


Full Name:
Justin Sterling

191cm / 6′3″

Place of Origin:
Bridgeport, Connecticut, US

Date of Birth:
July 29


Mother Agency:
Lizbell Agency


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  • francesco

    Amazing Face !! I´d like to see more pictures

  • evr

    i love his mouth!

  • Kate

    OMG!Handsome boy has a bright future ahead!

  • Cecile

    He’s got beautiful face structure I like his nose, and enough tall.. But he is sooo young and very slim, he should be grown up, and after 22 will be a Beauty Man


    oh la la! i wanna piece!!

  • Sophia

    Wow, he’s very high, but I’m not really impressed, I mean, one more pretty face. Maybe trying different faces he can stand out.

  • Solya


  • He might be young but he is in very very good hands. I have known his agent, Liz Bell for over 25 years. Her talent are very well taken care of.

    Los Angeles

  • matsu

    Omg he’s cute! <3 as a model im not sure though lol..but he's so good looking ;)

  • NEX

    he looks so fresh as a model with angelic touch. great found!

  • Kim

    Check out his new shots just released today on http://www.lizbellagency.com from a shoot that is being published – shows a lot more personality.

  • Love his lips! Just love everything about him.

  • He’s very normal looking.

  • E

    He has such an angelic face!

  • Eyes and lips.. :))


  • tuba

    huw great height all his body s perfect n face s amazing