The picture of laid back boyishness, Paul was introduced to agency Izaio by a model friend (who, incidentally, we featured on Daily Duo last year). In addition to his cherubic beauty, Paul has a mischievous edge which we’re sure will inspire interest everywhere. Du bist sehr schön, Schönewald!


Full Name:
Paul Schönewald

Light Brown
185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Berlin, Germany

Date of Birth:
September 27 1993


Mother Agency
Izaio Models

  • Muni Natesh

    Sharp facial bones nd very expressive

  • jluc

    His hair reminds me of the one I had before I got this horribly done Caesar cut. I’m hating it.
    I like how he looks though… a little rock band-ish… in a way, but not GQ strong or whatever. Interesting.

  • claude R. Simard

    Seems to be a very sensitive boy. Good looking! Great eyes. Beautiful hair. Stylists will take care of him. Good stuff.

  • claude R. Simard

    The picture of him, where he holds his hair back on his head, is simply marvelous! A real beauty, that teenboy! Love him.

  • frank

    he remand me to a joung joey kirchner.
    maybe he is too young

  • Nigel S.

    I can see the mischief in that face. He does look pretty young but that’s never stopped much. I don’t see sharp bone structure, just a boyish face. Interesting stare.
    He does remind of Joey Kirchner. But with a hefty does of Anna de Rijk.
    Very nice toes..

  • Ivona

    Very,very,very interesting!
    Has future!

  • rachel

    he looks like a doll. In a good way.

  • YJ

    is there any well known asian models?

  • Good looking !!

  • aldo

    not so many well known asian male models,only Phillip huang i think
    i hope i can see more asian male models and edgy


  • tuba

    Yeah very very german that’s why he’s very very hot *-*

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