Daily Duo: Lenny



An amateur boxer from East Berlin, Lenny has managed to build an incredible portfolio in record time. The type of boy clients will fight to book, Lenny has a magnetism and swagger that has had top German photographers, publications and designers in a tizzy. Now turning his attentions to Paris and Milan for his first ever season, Lenny may have some atypical male model attributes, but that hasn’t stopped this handsome hoodlum from working – a lot.


Full Name:
Lenny Müller

Dark Blonde
181cm / 5′11.5″

Place of Origin:
Lichtenberg, Berlin, Germany

Date of Birth:
July 21


Mother Agency:
Izaio Models

Nathalie Models

Why Not Model Management

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  • He’s absolutely incredible! The perfect mix of edginess and classic beauty.

  • Sbrady

    Still very handsome without having to work hard for it and pose in undies, big fan!

  • It’s no wonder this exceptional youth has compiled an impressive portfolio, he’s a photographers DREAM! An amazing angular tight look, full expressive features with brooding eyes and a long lean athletic physique that seems to reside comfortably in and out of any fashion!

  • Alex

    Wow this kid is absolutely breath-taking. Im sure he will be the next big thing. Ive been staring at his pictures for 10 minutes! Hes art

  • NEX

    what a high-fashion boxer! he’s absolutely stunning. with that great portfolio, he’s ready to turn his way from a boxer to a supermodel.^^

  • Gressex

    Very handsome indeed! Great features. A little short for the runway, but perfect for editorials and campaigns.

  • Ideale sind wie Sterne: Mann kann sie nicht erreichen, aber sich an ihnen orientieren.

  • This give me Great hope! Been a Long time since I’ve seen a successful male model under 6′ tall.

  • martin

    A handsome boy indeed, but nowadays being handsome is not enough to become a successful model. Most of his pictures do not present some striking face, some feauture that could captivate the audience. His eyes are the only thing that I see as somewhat more memorable, otherwise his face is totally commercial, and in my opninion chances for him to be an editorial model are very slim. And we all know that being versatile is the key to success in modelling!Let’s see!

  • Lily

    Cute guy, I’m sure a smile wouldn’t hurt him though.

  • t.richardson

    cool dude

  • Scout ya


  • Lenny has a great look that photographs attractively. Although he isn’t the most unique, he has something special about him that inspires photographers. I hope he does well :)


  • Tizian

    Great look – a little short.

  • EMINEM’s little German Bro!

  • He’s a good looking guy, but I agree with Lily – a smile would go a long way. And is it just me or does he look a little too much like a fighter?

  • I have worked with him, all i can say is – he is absolutly amazing.

  • Dea

    he needs to grow like 5 cms, but really nice

  • tuba

    he looks a bit like eminem , he’s a different style gud luck

  • Linds

    Wow he’s really good looking :)