Daily Duo: Zuri



What a face! From soulful to sultry, Zuri is a totally compelling beauty. And to think it all started when she was scouted at a Florida mall not all that long ago. Her first ever shoot was for Teen Vogue (the Feb 2012 issue – out now), and that’s one helluva starting point in what promises to be a great career in the making. Signed now with Ford NY, rest assured Zuri will be coming to a runway near you soon!


Full Name:
Zuri Tibby

178cm / 5′10″
84 cm / 33″
58 cm / 23″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Florida, USA

Date of Birth:
September 1


Mother Agency:
Zodiac Mother Management

Ford Models

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  • jake

    i really like her look! she reminds me a little of devon aoki, i think its the shape of her mouth.

  • Ali

    Her features are in control, photographs really well, see much potential in her.

  • very pretty, nice features :)


  • troy


  • poo

    So cute. I love the pic where she’s wearing a bikini and smiling.

  • NEX

    wowwy wow wow wow!!! she’s so young, but already looks professional. and I adore her gorgeous eyes! SMIZING!!! ^^

  • evr


  • sascha

    I LOOOVEE HER LOOK! Very fresh and cute.

  • Katrina

    Stuning! She is fabulous! Zuri will kill fashion week! :)

  • Helenm

    she needs to work on the expressions of her face, as they are always the same and it can get boring x

  • Striking beauty!!! I love her face. Good luck to her!

  • LOU


  • shes awesome…best of luck zuri!

  • Ashlund

    The first photo is incredibly strong.

  • just


  • bunda

    wow wow wooooooooooowwwwwwwww

  • Trudy

    She is fabulous!!! Beautiful skin and striking bone structure. Love, love this girl…big things to come!!!

  • British Pr

    Stunning girl! Pictures 2 & 3 are absolutely mesmerising!

    Can’t wait to see her on the runway, she’d do so well at London Fashion Week

  • Sonny

    Amazing face. Diggin her nice think brows and full lips! Great variety of pictures to showcase her flawless beauty.

  • baise


  • I have never seen a face so beautiful! And yes, I see the Devon Aoki reference.

  • dupont

    She’s cute. Fits in very well for Teen Vogue

  • EBru

    ZuZu, you are looking good. Keep focused and continue to rock the runway.

  • Maxim

    Absolutely stunnig, especially her mouth and the shape of her face !

  • meg


  • Dot

    Very pretty face!

  • Rubiii


  • Photo # 11 really shows off her strong facial features, amazing how she was discovered, the camera loves her!

  • Pretyy ..:)

  • Gorgeous! Amazing eyes and I love her mouth/lips.

  • Tanya


  • Ramona-Kay


  • matsu

    she’s very young,fresh & luscious no?? lol she’s stunning :D

  • BeRty

    Brava To the scouting team at Zodiac, she is stunning!

  • M

    That skin! Beautiful. Love her.

  • Lee

    She is OVAH!!! :D So totally going to slay the children in NYC <3

  • none-ya

    She looks like a baby!!!! The girls &boys are getting younger and younger- that’s a problems with our societal values!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Refreshing new talent – I’m sure she will go far – stunning – captivating – her eyes just draw you right into her world!

  • thesaurusj

    She is absolutely stunning! Beautiful lips, skin, height, face. Beautiful!

  • Alex

    Amazing, she could easily go from prada to victorias secret

  • Laura

    how old is this girl ?? please i really wanna know!!!

  • icy

    She has a fresh look but also reminds me of a classic beauty. I will definitely be looking for more of her. I love what I have seen thus far!

  • Gemma

    Holy cow! I remember her off Tumblr! Zuri, your Victoria Secret dream will come true!

  • Brittany

    She’s only 16 and is going to go far! Her goal is to become a Victoria Secret model and it will come true. She’s passionate about modeling, but has still stayed grounded and hasn’t forgotten about her friends back home. Teen Vogue was just the start to an amazing career ahead of her. I’ve grown up with Zuri and she’s always had the dream of being a model, and finally it has come true.

  • autumn brabbit

    you are so gorgeous and will go far good luck and i envy you!!!:)