Daily Duo: David V.



London lad David was scouted while busting a move on the dance floor at a West End club. With a heritage mix of Spanish, French, Jamaican and Egyptian, David may not be the classic idea of a male model, but he’s definitely memorable. To date he’s worked with Daniel Sannwald for Bullett Magazine and appears in the latest Duffer campaign. With his hugely charismatic presence and looks that are unique and just a bit special, we can’t wait to see more of this one.


Full Name:
David Valensi-Wright

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
London, UK

Date of Birth:
June 7


Mother Agency:
AMCK Models

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  • valerian

    a little givenchy, a little stunning

  • Ali

    Cool presence to him, like that hes difference

  • a little bit plain but there’s something in him ;>

    http://focusonthem.blogspot.com – About New Faces ;)

  • Lukas GROUT

    Great career ahead of him and a lovely fella too. AMCK are certainly an agency to watch at the moment.

  • evr

    good look

  • Erika

    I’m not understanding this one… undefined features, no standout qualities. Strange.

  • NEX

    love the spots in his face! make him look unique. he definitely can go around the world as a supermodel. ^^

  • Such a handsome lad with a real spark to him! Not just edgy, he has a real youthful personality and visual charm!

  • G

    met him he’s a sweetheart ;)

  • cleve

    No disrespect to the young man.. What “look” are the agencies-industry looking for??
    Modeling has changed drastically since my stint in it..
    Good Luck young man..

  • ingrid

    he has everything in him, multiculti!!! not a narcistic or gaylike model just a modern sympatic person so I think it’s a relief compared with the other male models

  • I love his freckles! Would love to see his career take off. Love his look! I’m blogging pics of him right now on my Tumblr!


  • Dave

    Lovely look – London always comes up with unique looking boys.

    “narcistic or gaylike model just a modern sympatic person…” @Ingrid – plese do not use reference to homosexuality as a negative trait – there is no place for homophobia in fashion or society.

  • FND

    Ingrid, this is 2012. I totally dont get you.

    I see Givenchy. Such a great face. I love how his heritage mixes into the uniqueness that is him.

  • Chris Close

    The guy has an awesome look! Glad he is doing well.
    Also good to see that an Agency like AMCK has such a range of models with different looks to suit many clients! Great work!

  • Love this boy! beautiful to shoot and to be around. A true sweetie!
    Do David GOOOOOOOOO!