Discovered loitering outside of Fashion Model Management in Milan early one morning last November, Gianluca was immediately spotted by bookers and signed. He’s already been shooting up a storm with some impressive photographers, and this upcoming season could be the one that has Gianluca becoming the newest star in the Italian battalion. And as we know in fashion, the difference between a good and a bad haircut is two weeks, so watch this space!


Full Name:
Gianluca Albonico

Light Brown
184cm / 6′0.5″

Place of Origin:
Tradate, Italy

Date of Birth:
May 9


Mother Agency:

Nathalie Models

  • Lily

    Absolute perfection. I die.

  • t.richardson

    Cut his hair. Then he will do good

  • despite those hair he is really great~! – About New Faces ;)

  • Ali

    I like his hair

  • Gorgeous kid, wonderful fresh handsome look and amazing structure ot his angular face. Shame about the silly tattoo. Isn’t it time this trend end… at least with serious models? I’m just asking!


    Please someone cut his hair.. He have a great face but he look like he have a dead animal on his head

  • Erika

    He is GORGEOUS!! After a nice haircut, he’ll have no limit as to his marketability.

  • pt

    The stunning hair, makes him stand out among the short boring cuts models. LOVE IT! His profile is quite strong as well.


  • Zack

    Dont get rid of his hair. It’s so cool

  • meg

    hes beautiful

  • miguel

    Is quite exceptional, and there is something different in he, i think the latest polas are very good.

  • evr

    hot. him and his hair.

  • i mean i don’t like in hair this shaved part on the one side of head:P rest is very good

  • sascha

    woooooooow amazing!! awesome face, but the hairs could be cut a little bit..

  • NEX

    I can see a potential from himself. his face is unique and i love his hair. ^^

  • He’s so gorgeous !!

  • andrew

    Perfect looking. In any of his digitals where the shot is face on, if you use your hand to cover all the hair spilling over the right side of his head, you can visualize just how much a shorter haircut would make him pretty much 100% irresistible.

  • @ focus on them blog: the hair is shaved on both sides of his head :)
    and I love it!!!
    He is gorgeous!!!

  • Good looking boy, hazel eyes. Looks like a Gucci boy.

  • lYLA

    I really agree what the user “HAHAHHA” said about alessandra ambrosio … i think he resembles her appearence! He’s truly gorgeous boy, he delights me *-* … but about his hair … huum :\ i don’t know, i also think he would be better with another haircut :D He will have a good future in the modelling career.

  • jessica

    im not trying to be rude but does any 1 else notice his face is a bit crooked ?

  • diego

    tiene un aire a la mirda de kate moss en hombre!

  • angie

    ahhhh don’t hate on the hair! He’s so beautiful *tears of joy*
    in fact, i love the hair. it looks especially sexy (hehe *guilty grin*) when it’s tied back. I don’t know why i love that, but i think it looks awesome… like anakin skywalker… although it may be awkward for this fine young man in the picture to read through these comments (if he ever does), and although it may be awkward for me too, at least i’ll be safe in the knowledge that i’ll probably never meet this dude. And he might not even understand this little rant of mine.

    …She said.

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