With her exaggerated and extraordinary features, Alica isn’t a girl you forget. Scouted in the city centre of Hamburg in August, it will be another year in development until Alica is ready to go full force. Soon in Paris for testing, you won’t be seeing much of Alica just yet, but expect her to burst onto the scene late in 2012.


Full Name:
Alica Kalk

176cm / 5′9″
77 cm / 30″
62 cm / 24.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Hamburg, Germany

Date of Birth:
August 4


Mother Agency:
Nface Management

  • baby A.Lima

  • jake

    no thank you

  • Nelly

    Is she like this?? Haha.Like a cartoon. Too much lips

  • Jess

    just when i thought it couldnt get any worse than lindsey wixson. i mean, her lips are way too much… she exceeds the “doll baby-face model” mania.

  • yara

    just one word : amazing!!!!

  • Thorge

    I see a little of Anais Pouliet in her but more extravagant. congrats she is amazing!

  • harlow

    she’s interesting :) I love models with over exaggerated features. I wish her all the best!

  • nice lips but she’s a little bit too young imo, wondering how old is she – About New Faces ;)

  • rike

    impressive scouting system! defnitely following!

  • Ali

    I like the extreme features, she is memorable.

  • Uyen Phan

    I think She’ll be a great model for advertising makeup like Maybelline. Her lips kinda remind me of Kemp Muhl.

  • kitkat

    I think she will just grow into her features

    the lips, i dont find too special in the shape and size as it is common. but lips get smaller with age so i hope to see her in a few years.

  • Julien

    She’s absolutly gorgeous!

  • Erika

    Wow… what an exotic look she has…. features a bit overblown but this is the type of look that is “in” right now, i.e. Daphne Groeneveld, Lindsay Wixson, etc. Alica is going to burn up the modeling world given time!

  • Syd

    She does look like a cartoon character…I don’t see Adriana Lima though. Those massive lips give her a really unique look. I don’t think she’s particularly beautiful but def. interesting looking…She’ll probably be big.

  • Ola

    Too much lips? She’s georges natural beauty!!

  • Lovely, unique look. Great intense features. I’d love to photograph her!

    I see potential in Alica :)

  • I think she’s cute, and beautiful in her own way. A little bit young though – I think she needs to mature more.

  • Sligo cute

    I think need more pic

  • i just.. dont know.

  • mode

    The combination of the exaggerated lips and ears makes her too disproportional for my taste.

  • hefty

    her lips are on crack.

  • Doutzen and Anais Pouliot love child!

  • Michael Donovan

    I love her look! I emailed her images to a few people when I saw her snapshots on FB over the christmas break. People just need to use their imagination and she just needs to work with the right team of people to package her. I can recall SEVERAL girls who made people scratch their heads when they were first seen for having giant lips, big ears, enormous boobs, too skinny, etc etc…

  • Malte

    exaggeratedly beautiful x

  • Jekaterina

    she has the million dollar face!

  • Thanks to Rosie for the nice piece on Alica !


    wow she’s so exciting

  • D

    I actually like her, she may not do explosively well, but I really like her.

  • M

    biggest pet peeve: models who drag their lower lip

  • Gemma

    I think we will be seeing more of this girl no doubt, I think she’s wonderful.

  • dennis wilke

    wonderful find. she fit’s the trend perfectly

  • NEX

    if Alison Harvard has her unique round big eyes, then this girl has her full mouth. wow, she’s as unique as Alison and i adore the intensity in her eyes. gorgeous!

  • meg

    I love the 6th picture in! beauty

  • Tine

    ” just when i thought it couldnt get any worse than lindsey wixson” lol

  • kasha

    she look like olga kaczysnka poland model .

  • fiera

    i think she has too much lips…and she looks too young, but awesome i wish her good luck

  • Leah

    She is very beautiful, Like her better in her pics with her hair down. But she is a very pretty girl.

  • Charis

    Sorry guys , but I must say that she IS NOT BEAUTIFUL .Her face is just … interesting… and i think it’s only about VERY BIG LIPS.
    It’s possible that she will be famous , but only for a moment – she will never become an icon .

  • ingrid

    a natural beauty !!!! (I hope she stays that way…)

  • Kamsy

    Her ears and lips are so extreme but such a good face! What’s more she seems aware of the basics of how to use them to her advantage. I agree, she still look’s like she should mature more, but on the same hand the “chibi” look it’s really cute and intriguing.

  • i posted this link on my facebook page and im getting the same reaction. i LOVE her look but so many of my friends think she the complete opposite of good looking.

    i find her beautful, soo beautful. i got the big ol’ lips too and extravagant features so i know where this lady is coming from. i hope she does wonders. i think her look is perfect for a certain niche. western europe, latin countries, france, italy and etc will like her. everywhere else… probs not.

  • person

    Clearly not for everyone. But DAMN, her look really works for me. Those EYEBROWS. I die <3

  • Daphne

    I know her from school and she already got my attention. When you look at her its like you look in the eyes of a model. She could do it!

  • aleks_the fox

    what models of cameras do you use for the digitals/polaroids ?

  • Amanda

    I don’t like her lips, but she is cute.


    Oh gosh, she’s so beautiful!!!

  • Ramona-Kay

    Pretty girl,love first pic, still i dont like her ears.
    And I never liked Lindsay Wixson, crazy, less pretty model iv seen, sry to say it.

  • HH

    I don’t like the tied up hair look.It doesnt suit her.But she has everything to stand out from throngs of girls.Not for everyone,but I’m sure she’s gonna be someone’s muse.Good luck!

  • Nicholas

    Please tell me she looks like Rebecca Romijn on picture number 11.

  • check for more of alica:

  • awesome lips and eyes

  • Everyone is unique. If you would take a look enough long on any person, you would discover beauty. Alica has really unique lipps.

  • Brother G

    July 16, 2012

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ
    for allowing me another day upon
    his earth.

    And I pray for Alica Kalk who is
    a beautiful blessing from God.

    What a unique face.

  • mikyyy

    extremely big lips and those ugly ears make her kinda weird ….damn,she is not perfect like some other models…doutzen kroes ,for example,is just flawless even after having a kid but Alica does have some charm…beautiful not but pretty and particular yes! how old is she?

  • lola

    @mikyyy she’s 15.

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