Daily Duo: Violet Snow



Here at MDC we pride ourselves on spotting potential, so of course we were uber excited to receive Violet Snow’s headshots. This girl has plenty of personal style, already familiar with on trend designers and fashion forward looks. Her own look is angelic, but we suspect that Violet can bring the fire. And while it always helps to have family in the industry (mother is models.com’s own Andrea De Domenico, and twin brother Zachary Isaac is tipped to be one of 2012’s top newcomers), Violet’s dainty beauty is captivating. Agents get ready, this kid is as yet unsigned – get those bids in!

[Newfaces will be back in January 2012. Happy Holidays!]


Full Name:
Violet Snow

67.3cm / 26.5″


Mother Agency:

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  • jess

    Wtf ??? scouting babies ??? O_o
    well ok I do admit they are cute

  • So adorable!!

  • NEX

    awww, she’s so cute!!! and smizing as well. ^^

  • Mat

    look at her working those angles in photo number 4. The head tilt is great. Watch out Lara Stone. Your throne is being threatened.


    but seriously, these kids are so freakin’ cute.

  • kennedy

    too young.


  • Phoebe

    What is this? :P

  • Samanta

    something incredibly cute on models.com!

  • OMG guys, so adorableeeeeee.

  • Awww… best model of the year by far…
    Btw I take the opportunity to say “Merry Christmas and happy holidays!” to all of you… both readers and models.com staff – and thank you for this wonderful present. ;)

  • j

    fierce! possible prada exclusive if you ask me, they like to turn girls with commercial portfolios into those intelligent beauties

  • Yasmin

    Super cute, but please don’t get the ears of babys pierced…

  • Miss A

    i love this. happy holidays! <3

  • Kris

    What a little heartbreaker!

  • miguel

    The eyes more pretty.

  • You all need to seriously need to drop this cute bomb on us more often.Happy holidays to you all.

  • andrew

    Prada exclusive, 2029.

  • cb

    a lovely gift for the coming year

  • so adorable~

  • WOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! Thank you MDC for this happy idea and these adorable ‘new faces’!!!


  • lea

    hahaha hilarious

  • francesco

    She is ready for the next vogue italia cover ;)


    Adorable!! Congratulations Andrea on the beautiful twins!!!

  • alberto

    hahahaha i don’t see any difference between the kids Meisel uses for his covers/campaigns(see prada fall 2011, balenciaga s/s 2012) and these ones, so u go geeeeeet em babies, ready for a Vogue Italia cover..lol..too cute 4 words.

  • queenie

    I’d like to see how their faces take to make up.

  • all babies are cute. but this little girl is so so beautiful