Daily Duo: Zachary Isaac



Scouted while visiting the office of models.com, Zachary Isaac is a new boy with a lot of swagger. Sky blue eyes, great cheekbones and a killer profile – this boy doesn’t have a bad angle. Originally from Brooklyn, Zachary is a fan of the rough and tumble, but don’t be fooled, this kid has a thoughtful side. Add that to the fact that he’s a great mover (he’s already very skilled in rolling over, and has mastered the bouncy seat) and Zachary has all the qualities necessary to become one of fashion’s iconic male faces.

[Newfaces will be back in January 2012. Happy Holidays!]


Full Name:
Zachary Isaac

69.8cm / 27.5″


Mother Agency:

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  • bob

    best looking model i’ve seen here in ages!!

  • Mat

    Fierce eyes. Miesel needs to book them for Vogue Italia asap. I’m also thinking Givenchy exclusive. But they HAVE to work on their runway walks. It’s just plain sloppy.


  • fx


    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • i think he is 2 tall for a model. hahahaha. so cute!!!!

  • Eamon

    This is too young. The fashion industry has gone mad!

  • Yasmin

    Love those eyebrows! They don’t even need to get bleached :D

  • morelia solano

    that beauty, beautiful models

  • ramir

    hihihihi ^^ so cute

  • Roger

    soooo cute

  • miguel

    Esos mofletes!

  • marietita

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooo cuteee!!! best models ever!

  • Sarah

    too fat, needs to loose weight. just kidding! so adorable, and I can’t wait to see more from him! :) I will model w/ him anytime. ;)

  • thebachelor

    Great bone structure

  • GP

    soooooooooooooo cute.

  • charlotte

    In most pictures I feel like they are relying too much on their looks and are not modeling enough. but they are new so they definitely will improve! haha :-)

  • andrew

    2nd picture, werque that Snejana for Lanvin S/S 06 look. But damn boy, watch yourself, Riley Dunn and his auntie Karlie Kloss’ unborn child are looking to blue chip it up.

  • adrian

    LMFAO! i turn on my computer and come here to find this!!! hahahahahah brilliant.
    my initial thought was “uhm….what the f***?!” but then the shock wore off :D

  • Nicholas

    Aww so cute!!! I’m digging the 2nd picture. Can I have them for a day as Xmas present please?

  • matsu

    how can those model scouts see potential in these babies?? this is nuts o.o lmao

  • que cute

  • matsu, obviously you missed the point :)
    Amazing post! http://imageiskey.blogspot.com/

  • Aaliyah


  • Andrew

    Good to see he has mastered the bouncy seat, his going to be unstoppable force in the modelling industry.

  • Vick


  • Wil

    So Young! So Fresh!

  • nah

    This is insane! But adorable, I have to ask.. Models.com is a an agency! Because I have kids to go to your office!

  • Syd

    Awwww. Baby <3