There’s nothing down home or country about this fiercely handsome Tennessee native. Discovered online by Len at I Model Management, Eric’s lush good looks and strong masculine vibe result in potential that rings as clear as a bell. Watch out for this one!


Full Name:
Eric Bell

Dark Brown
185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Date of Birth:
July 18 1992


Mother Agency
I Model Management

Fusion Models

Elite Toronto

Next Canada

  • kori

    very gorgeous but he reminds me of someone else can’t put my finger on it..

  • Nice!!

  • jluc

    How does one get discovered online? Tell me, I’ll try it. :P

  • usually people post some candid pictures of themselves on scouting websites OR just email some digital pics in to agencies – very easy!

  • Krystal

    He is amazing! Eric, I wish you all the best. You will go far… I am so proud of you!


  • loveFASHION

    he’s adorable!!

  • Neto Pontes

    Maybe his face is too much female!
    but he’s gorgeous.

  • Grandma Patti

    Yeah Eric!!! You go young man. (He’s my grandson and I am so proud of him!!!) He has been gorgeous since the day he was born. But we all miss you very much in TN.
    Hugs and Kisses, Grandma

  • kk

    aawww grandmas sooo cute!!! and omg wish he lived in my hometown cause….DAMN!

  • Ted

    Heh heh “fiercely handsome” AND has “lush good looks.” Some lazy publicist’s getting bored with his or her job.

  • laila

    The very first picture of him is really nice. the hair flipped and the strong dark brows are really complimentary to his delicate but strong features.

  • Oh wow, so handsome and we share a birthday. :] He’s just a year younger ^_^♥

  • Hanna

    He looks like Joe from the Jonas Brothers – with short hair though

  • Eric in Dallas, GA

    I love you, Eric! I’m very proud of you and only wish you the best success and happiness.

  • Marko

    I didn’t realize till now how a good majority of male models are American. No complaints just an observation. In this case i like the 50’s nostalgia in his face, handsomely boyish with a James Dean slick topped of with the pouty lips and droopy eyes.

  • Eric! You are beautiful! I always knew you would make it big. I was honored to be able to photograph you before you moved away. (I took some of the outdoorsy photos)

    Glad to see you becoming so succesful.

    Love, Your TN friend. :0)

  • Eric is AMAZING! one to watch out for, most definitely.

  • DaisyMae

    My favorite photo is the one of Eric leaning against that old pickup truck. :0)

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …absolutely stunning, I think he is a find…and he’ll get much better.
    Best of luck to Eric.

  • Lauren

    I’m so proud of you. These are amazing! It seems like everything is going great for you! We all miss you in dance :( But of course we wish you the best of luck.

    Lauren-Your TN, dance friend.

  • Joe

    WOW! gorgeous!
    Amazing bone structure, beautiful eye shape, beautifully thick eye brows, full lips, and a perfect little nose.
    All there is to say is..WOW!

  • Joe

    WOW! gorgeous!
    Amazing bone structure, beautiful almond eyes, beautifully thick eye brows, full lips, and a perfect little nose.
    All there is to say is..WOW!

  • henk

    OMG AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!he has the most amazing cheek bones I have ever seen! definitely one to watch!

  • Jamie Dukes

    ERIC is the most amazing model in the entire world. i love you eric. you would have never thought he would make it this far. i remember 7th grade with this hottie. im so proud of what he has done since then. KEEP LIVIN IT UP ERIC. YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  • rita

    reminds me of sth between jonathan rhys meyers, matt from nip/tuck and that kid from tokio hotel :) good job i really like the shot with the sweater!

  • jeff

    the chin doesnt look right, or is it only me? implants?

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