Daily Duo: Maja M.



Two months in the fashion industry and Croatian new girl Maja has already been signed with New York Model Management, Nathalie Paris, Fashion Milan and View Spain. So far she’s been featured in Elle Croatia, but we hear this willowy beauty has some top secret but amazing work on the horizon. Currently in Paris, Maja is a big fan of sleeping, so she best get as much as she can now because this girl is going to be crazy busy!


Full Name:
Maja Matković

185cm / 6′1″
83 cm / 32.5″
61 cm / 24″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Zagreb, Croatia

Date of Birth:
September 27


Mother Agency:
Midikenn Model Management

New York Model Management

Nathalie Models


View Management

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  • RRRaul415

    Kirsi and Ylonka hybrid…very interesting, but the height might be a little problematic.

  • wow, she is all sorts of amazing. the height is unbelievable – she is like an incredibly beautiful willowy amazon – a topic worth an own shooting with Tim Walker.

  • hehe once I say I totally agree with the first comment… I’m so glad to find Maja here: she absolutely deserves, and personally she’s one of the most interesting new faces I’ve seen lately.
    Yep, height and generally her structure may be somehow a limit, but in case about WHAT she will have the chance to do and not HOW, ’cause I’m sure she’s going to show wonderful things…

  • Sa srecom!

  • Samanta

    agree with first and second comments. plus I think she looks so much prettier on her palaroids!

  • Billy

    WOW! an absolute star! yes she is tall but her proportions are perfect and exceptional when you consider she isn’t 5’10. Besides, a little known model named Karlie Kloss is just as tall and she managed to put together a pretty decent career so far. Definitely looking forward to seeing the upcoming year for her.

  • fx

    Very unique androgynous look. Specifically fond of her long spider legs.

  • matsu

    omg stunning!! she has this Kirsi Pyrhonen + Catherine Mcneil + Kelly MIttendorf going on! she is a total HF girl! she’s gonna be big! :)

  • valerian

    I’m honestly so over the height thing. It’s just not a problem anymore. You can be 5’8 or shorter and still be successful (Agy Deyn, Sasha P. Barbara Palvin, Kate Moss, Devon Aoki, Hannah Holman the list can go on and on) or be above 6’0 and be very very successful as well (Elle McPherson, Karlie Kloss, Frida Gustavson, Stella Tennant, Alice B). Besides, agencies can make up whatever numbers they want for a model’s height to please a client. This girl is gorgeous so let’s leave it at that!!

  • ela

    She’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m so happy for you Maja! xxx

  • fashionholic

    …she looks amazing…but she is 188 cm tall….i mean comm on…i hope she will make it…but…soooooooooooooo hard….

  • erika

    Very unique & interesting face & OMG those legs…. they never end. I think she’s the tallest model on record @ the moment.

  • Glad someone else noticed the Kelly M resemblance! I noticed it as soon as I saw her, think she’s gonna be big!

  • stace

    She actually reminds me of ’90’s model Kirsten Owen.

  • Roger

    wow she is my height; imagine her with heels!

  • alessafan

    The second pic is stunning! I definitely see Catherine McNeil and Kirsi Pyrhonen! She’s amazing!

  • I think she’s actually 188, not 185

  • Damion rochester

    She is destined. She has it.

  • Maja is a stunning and unique beauty. Her height is great and has not and will not hurt her-on the contrary. These are fashion models kids- height is wanted. Even if one were 10, 50, or 100 feet tall, one could still get tons of work as an oddity. And Maja is JUST RIGHT.

  • RRRaul415

    Yes, Karlie is probably 6’1″ if not a tad taller, but she’s promoted as 5’11″….that makes me wonder if Maja is even taller than 6’1″….hhhmmm…just sayin’ :)

    Although her proportions look ideal, there’s a lot to be said when sample sleeve/pant lengths are too short or garment waistlines don’t fall just right on the body. Regardless, she’s one of those girls that scouts would give their left eye to say ‘I discovered her’. I wish her the best of luck!

  • Lily

    Uh oh… Kirsi is getting some competition, the girl better work!

  • tjglam

    I don’t know what the other fawning comments about her “beauty” have as their basis. She is NOT beautiful–she’s got strong, somewhat masculine bone structure and a stern look that isn’t all that appealing except maybe for certain editorial moods. Her length is great, but it’s hard to tell much about her body from these shots that don’t reveal enough about her legs. I take her legs to be lacking in the kind of elegant taper that makes for truly beautiful legs.

  • kirsi p. with giantism.

    This is what a model should be


  • Sam

    absolutely stunning! very HIGH FASHION!

  • Wow amazing! so strong!

  • kc


  • Joe


  • Mark

    Kelly Mittendorf + Kirsi Pyrhonen = her

  • Paris

    very special.

  • Ana

    Female Patrick Swayze

  • Jess

    i’m sorry but she is way to tall. however, that doesnt mean she wont have her shot and maybe prevail in this business (i doubt but it can happen…). also, she looks so much better in her polaroids!

  • Magnificent angel!


  • NEX

    she is so Italian Vogue and Guess! amazing!
    P.S. Just need to practice more soft look. ^^

  • S.

    This girl is STUNNING.

    Her height is fine. I mean, yeah, she would be amongst the tallest, but that only means she would be joining Karlie, Frida, Kirsi, Carla Gebhart, Toni Garn, Irina Kulikova and others.

    I’m sure there’s something coming up already for her. She has a very Meisel face. Prada maybe?

  • first there was no one in croatia, now everyone is from croatia. mymymymym this girl is amazing! INTERESTING!!!!!!! so effortless while posing – so natural. very kelly m like and that actress… ahhhh. broadway. anyway, who cares about the height with the face like hers. however, can she last long? ahhhhh… the trend. what can you do.

  • Lisa

    Holy crap…this girl is totally awesome….The height is awesome.



  • Very androgynous ! Someone cut this girl hair and put her in an Emporio Armani ad !


  • Dea


  • lea

    being too tall, too thin and too young are never a problem in fashion. on the contrary…

  • sajjad

    this girl stunning for love

  • she’s got the i’m pissed angry hungry gimme something to eat you jerk look down good..

  • Mari

    she’s fffff gorgeous!

  • REN

    Anyone else see Molly from last cycle of ANTM? SHE’s totally her twin!

  • Her look is awesome definitely some form of Kirsi and Kelly Mittendorf Hybrid. I feel like she has a tiny bit more edge though because of her height, Tiiu Kuik is like 6’2″ and as explained above Karlie and Frida are above 6’0 too. Kirsi herself is almost 6’2″ i feel like if the designers like the clothes on her, her face, and attitude then whats the issue?

  • mia