Daily Duo: Eymeric



Ultra new kid Eymeric hails from Paris, where he’s currently studying to become a director at film school. Just about ready for his freshman season on the runway this January, Eymeric has a sensitive, thoughtful handsomeness – in fact, you can say that Eymeric is the embodiment of new age masculinity. Tall and lean, this kid suits the runway to a “T”, but with his James Dean-esque beauty, this boy could be just as successful in front of the camera.


Full Name:
Eymeric Loiseau

185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Paris, France

Date of Birth:
April 9


Mother Agency:
EYE Models

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  • Jeremy

    Luke Worrall and James Dean’s child!

  • miguel

    Very young and very handsome. Good face.

  • L.

    He’s like the male version of Jac. His face, mainly his eyes!

  • harlow

    I see Sean o’Pry

  • LOVE the softness of his face… I agree with L. and harlow – he’s like a fusion of James Dean + Sean O’Pry + Jac!!!
    He’s got a BRIGHT future ahead while carving out his directorship…


  • Rermthon

    i see Jac !!

  • Eamon

    good-looking dude. i hate him :P

  • cindy

    I see some O’Pry in him too.

  • elo

    super hot!! can’t wait to see his fashion-week!

  • adrian

    harlow, i agree with ya! first thing i said in my mind was “that’s the next Sean o’pry” so many similarity’s. but still a slightly refreshing face from the generic “factory models”.

  • Jay

    Werner Schreyer!

  • NEX

    great look, beautiful innocent eyes, and stunning bone structure! he’s a model.

  • if you are ever in New york or Philadelphia I would love to have a picture with you. good luck taylor

  • HH

    Agreed with the ‘new age handsomeness’!

  • Parece que está a punto de llorar.