Daily Duo: Zach V.



Auckland boy Zach has a warrior heritage, being Maori and Danish. These genetics have resulted in a fierce beauty already being appreciated in Milan, Paris and Sydney. A former national boxing and rugby representative, injury sent Zach into a modelling career. With the local markets on lock, the goal is to now get Zach to New York, where his masculine edge, perfectly honed body and tough but soulful appeal ought to score a touchdown.


Full Name:
Zach Vickers

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Birth:
March 22


Mother Agency:
62 Models & Talent

Marilyn Agency

I LOVE Models Management

Chic Management

Giant Management

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  • NEX

    he has a tough look, but still can be an editorial model. great! ^^

  • fx

    What an exotic face. I hope he’d do well in the industry.

  • Ali

    He has a mean look, but it works, and more importantly he looks different to the similar models in the new models section.

  • I like his face and his body very much – to me, he looks more like an actor in a modern James Bond movie than like a model.

  • Gressex

    Love his look! Especially with the shorter hair. Fierce yet soulful eyes. Best of luck!

  • Eamon

    ummmmmmm… wow!

  • Raphaelo

    Very exotic face, more of these models please!!

  • he has a feminine yet masculine look. works great in the industry in terms of capturing the attention of both heterosexual women and homosexual men. He is the sensual yet masculine representation of a man that people dream of. great looks, and love to versatility.

  • Roger

    Short hair looks good on him!

  • KJ

    COCO’S EYES! :)

  • Vincent LaCrocq’s more sombre brother! Very cool

  • ck

    Zach’s one of the nicest guys around, also. Keep up the good work buddy!!

  • Hiraina

    I agree ck Zach is one of the nicest guys around. I have worked with Zach and hes great nothing is a problem easy to shoot and with great pics too. Lets hope he lands a good agency in NY. Good luck for the future man, you deserve is