Winner of the 2011 Face of the Future model search held by Mode Models, Canadian kid Karly only attended the competition to keep a friend company but ended up walking away with the ultimate prize. Completely unsigned outside of Canada, and only polas and a few test shots so far, we are completely mesmerised by Karly’s potential. With her deep and romantic beauty, and with some development, we see major brands in this volleyball player’s future. And it doesn’t stop there – Karly’s older brother has also just signed with Mode. We see a dynasty developing!


Full Name:
Karly Janssen

181cm / 5′11.5″
82 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date of Birth:
August 18


Mother Agency:
Mode Models

  • NEX

    she do has a potential in modeling. just need more confidence and expressions in her photos.

  • Louis

    How’s she? Average person

  • Samanta

    She has very typical face. but she has a real model body. beautiful legs. nothing else impress me. but anyways Good Luck)

  • Erika

    Great height but very average face… considering the heavy competition these days, I don’t think she measures up.

  • redemptn

    her mood in the picture is kind of like the same, she defenitely has to work on that
    but i think with the right development she can go far
    somehow she reminds me of katlin aas….PRADA calling ?

  • miguel

    Her face is rather interesting,she is very pretty and her eyes are wonderful.

  • lina

    average face? i mean come on you don’t see many girls with her face in the steet… And if you do tell me where you live please i’d like to come…:-P

  • I have interviewed thousands of new faces over the years and no, Karly is not typical or average, and any one that says otherwise does not know the modeling industry and speaks of ignorance or insecurity. Karly has an all American girl next door type of look if the girl next door is Kristen Stewart. Karly has a Northern American natural beauty that is refined, and yes – rare. She does not need luck, she already is having successes, and she can go far, light years farther than all of those that in all their silly folly, attempt to detract her. Her true ability will be demonstrated in a better skilled pro shoot, of which none here have yet seen. Rock on Karly!

  • get her some more tests…

  • Martina

    I like her strong look… but I am bit concider about her lips…. there is just something what “irritate” me in her face

  • harlow

    @Bruce Edwin

    Kristen Stewart is ugly as hell, please dont compare this girl to her.

  • mary

    i agree with martina… also i definatly think that she has a very kristen stewart look to her. her height is fabulous but her face is quite bland. nothing but average.

  • sascha

    she has really the girl next door look. i really like that. but the qestion is, who is searching that? i think it’s quite hard for her, to go far, but wish good look to her.

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