Daily Duo: Marton



Awkwardly handsome Hungarian Marton was scouted on the streets of his hometown whilst practicing capoeira moves with his buddies. Now more into kung fu and his girlfriend, Marton is totally editorial. With a strikingly sharp profile and an almost downbeat moodiness, this young one is ready to bring his kung pow cool to the rest of the world.


Full Name:
Marton Dorfler

Light Brown
185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Fonyod, Hungary

Date of Birth:
October 14


Mother Agency:
Art Models

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  • NEX

    he is absolutely stunning with his unique look. I know that he can be success in modeling, especially the editorial one.

  • MoNaMoUr


  • MissA

    amazing unique look, he’ll go far!

  • claude simard

    very handsome, romantic look, delicate; to me, he looks like a ballet dancer.

  • SYD

    He’s gorgeous and unique.

  • baise

    Wow, very unique. Sort of elven.

  • B. Corvo

    Looks like a greyhound. Love it!

  • harlow

    dunno why but he reminds me of zach braff

  • Sari

    I’m in love.

  • Jean

    He’s a prince charming!

  • mm8ran

    Why describe him as awkwardly handsome? I don’t understand what that means. Anyone?