Daily Duo: Monica



Monica got into modelling after being scouted by Daily Duo alumni Kaan Tilki in her hometown near Bucharest, Romania. Now signed with Viva Paris and London, as well as Why Not Milan, Monica has a fresh naïve beauty that is totally magical – perfect skin, long elegant limbs and a quiet mischievousness add up to perfection. Her first ever job was with the legendary Jean Paul Goude for Lafayette, and in January she will be launched officially into the world via the haute couture shows. Get ready.


Full Name:
Monica Cosac

Light Brown
180cm / 5′11″
76 cm / 30″
58 cm / 23″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
February 17


Mother Agency:
Allure Management

Viva Model Management

Why Not Model Management

Viva London

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  • jeffrey Rue

    Great Legs

    Just have to make sure you give her time to WAKE UP before the shoot.. :)

  • Samanta

    lovely model! She is perfect!

  • jane

    uneven knees?

  • aaaa

    she has unbalanced knees, the left one is above the right one if you look closely. BTW love the face, collar bones and thighs so much! a dream body! wish me have this amen!

  • Ada

    Great body !

  • miguel

    She will not be the most beautiful, but she has two things:potencial and charm.

  • erika

    Fantastic height & some of the shots look great, but some don’t. Not sure her facial features are model-type. Will be interesting to see how the market sees her.

  • She’s amazing!!!

  • Nice girl, great legs.

  • very fresh…great retro look on her. i’d love to see more couture editorial tests.

  • wow! she is so beautiful, natural.. i wonder how to have that perfect body.

  • Yasmin

    A little bit boring, but she has a great smile

  • lea

    amazing girl ! next topmodel

  • Wow, Monica is amazing! Yes-amazing legs and great body, beautiful face, she will go so far with the right team. Anyone that disses this girl has brain cells that are firing uneven!

  • Sandy


  • NEX

    she is so talented. just love her look and her legs! ^^

  • lily

    beautiful body!

  • HH

    Oh 1st pic really looks like actress Leighton Meester.Monica is not your conventional beauty…something quite interesting though.Good luck

  • K

    Yeahhh, wow, totally fresh!!!

  • sajjad

    perfect model