Daily Duo: Romain



Brand new French boy Romain was discovered whilst shopping in Paris. Signed with new Parisian men’s agency Eye Models, Romain has plenty of masculine appeal, from his toned body to the mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes. This former competitive swimmer turned video game fan and cinema aficionado has personality plus uber handsomeness – always winning attributes.


Full Name:
Romain Maroye

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Paris, France

Date of Birth:
March 23


Mother Agency:
EYE Models

2morrow model

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  • Needs a new haircut to make him stand out more

  • Erika

    Not a fan… heavy features, nothing “pretty” or special going on here.

  • khan

    I am 5.10 male. And want to be a model. What you think can I become a model considering my height? Please Share your ideas.

  • adriyan

    I’m sure he is cool and all but when it comes to his look I just can’t help but to… *yawn*…oh excuse me.

  • ale

    more than lovable… just perfect, to me… love the beauty spots on his face.

  • Roger

    I feel like if he parts his hair he would look a lot better.

  • Gosh, he’s beautiful! (The French boys always are.) I really adore his freckles and beauty marks, and his heart-shaped lips.

  • Luisa

    He’s so Beautiful!!!

  • cindy

    Sebastien Sauve, who probably has some of the “heaviest” facial features in a long time, is pretty damn successful right now so you never know with those “heavy” features.

  • G.Natan


  • NEX

    gorgeous! and his eyes are blue, but I see a bit rainbow color in them. anyway, he’s great as a model. very smizing! ^^

  • hannah

    that naughty little look in his eye…:)

  • Elicity

    He is an “Eye Model” because he’s the one to watch! :D Super Gorgeous, Super Clean. He’s just a SUPER Model!

  • aj

    nice pic

  • essitry rod.

    this model is perfect !! his face is beautiful, priceless

  • Agree with haircut.. Change that Romain.. And hope you’ll be a good model.. :))