New boy Jesse was scouted whilst bussing tables at LA’s Nobu restaurant. Though from Southern California, Jesse is definitely not your West Coast surfer dude type. His brooding dark looks and sleek tanned skin are totally intriguing. This kid is intense but also very handsome, and yes, a little edgy – all attributes that add up to interesting. Signed with Vision LA, we just can’t get enough of this Depeche Mode fan.


Full Name:
Jesse Somera

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Ventura, California, USA

Date of Birth:
April 15


Mother Agency:
Vision LA

  • NEX

    he’s unique, but still great and edgy. definitely a model.

  • M

    See a lot of potential. One suggestion – no hunching forward, pull those shoulders back!

  • Cute and versatile!

  • Erika

    Wow, he’s gorgeous!! He looks like Ed Westwick (from Gossip Girl). Something special here.

  • miguel

    Is very young?.I´m hooked for her image,his eyes and mouth,but her face is not very spectacular,very normal and her hair…

  • donne darko

    woooww.. he balls so hard mother effers wanna find him

  • X

    6’1?? did you grow 3 inches in 3 months? Nice shots kid!

  • Ronald

    Nice !!! i think he has asian features

  • H

    Inside sources say he is half Asian. In fact I think he’s half filipino and half white. Very handsome indeed.

  • Nice

  • Dea

    totally ed westwick!

  • Martina

    I would book him

  • When ur back at our south beverly drive starbux, say hi… it was nice to talk with you. Best of luck for success to you.
    dr. g.