On the way home from a water polo workout, Sven was scouted on the tram by an agent from Wam Models, Budapest. Already the preferred face for photographers in Hungary, Sven is definitely ready for international markets. His blonde athletic good looks make him perfect for his dream job of Abercrombie, but we also think there’s something very vintage Versace about the pout, those cheekbones and that body. Get him to Milan!


Full Name:
Sven (Istvan) Csongar

185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Budapest, Hungary

Date of Birth:
December 14


Mother Agency:
Wam Models

Soul Artist Management

I LOVE Models Management

Tempo Model Management

Elite Copenhagen

View Management

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  • GP

    He looks unreal like a hot “live” mannequin.
    Nice hair, nice face and beautiful skin colour. Love him

  • andrew

    Unreal. I have a feeling the industry is going to be like putty in his hands.

  • Hungarian Ken doll. Great bone structure and features, he should work on learning his best angles and how to properly convey emotion to the camera, and I believe he’d go far.

  • He is so cute but I hate his hair!

  • Santiago

    Very hot

  • I see huge potential in him, he will have zero problem to be hired to do hundreds of campaigns, editorials and runways. He has what I like to call, an “obvious beauty”, I mean it’s crystal clear that the guy will have an amazing modeling career just form those shots because in the fashion world he has all the features a male model needs nowadays to book the big part of male modeling: “blond-blue eyes-tall and charming”. The fact that he also has a tan skin he will also be able to talk to even wider markets, I see him shooting with Meisel and Testino and doing male beauty campaigns perhaps. He has that all-american look going on that Bruce Webber loves, I can only see Steven Klein liking him for some Vogue Paris sexy edits. The guy will work in no time for Abercrombie, Nike or Vogue Hommes Japan. He seems just a bit short perhaps in those pics. If he has the personality to go with the good looks and a killer runway walk, then he has a destiny already planned up for him.

  • erika

    Intriguing kid…. i think he should give brown hair a chance…. looks too “ken-dollish” with the blonde.

  • redemptn

    a sexy tanned blond
    clavin klein would take him !

  • MoNaMoUr


  • WOW !!! Is he reallllll !

  • Loving his face!

  • Hester D.

    He is so very handsome. One of my favorite new faces. I cannot wait to see him out there.

  • gay

    dsquared, frankie morello are going to runnn after him

  • bruno

    very nice!

  • Sebastien

    Beautiful, but he does something with his lips that I don’t like. Because of that he always has a grins on his face that don’t give him the strong look that do it for me.

  • Classic Perfection! If there ever were a Golden Boy, Sven is it! I do wish we could see more emotion and expression from him! I agree with GP, he has the tendency to come across as a perfect mannequin!

  • Phillip

    Amazing – as blond or any other colour I think. Great face….

  • Wonderful.. :)

  • Vic

    More a gay icon. Maybe for D&G..?

  • hannah

    whoooaaaa. He is utterly GORGEOUS.

  • Andrew

    I agree with vic, gay icon, i’m not really diggin’ his looks, he’s too 80-90s

  • phil

    A duck trapped in a humans body ;) besides the duckface, very nice!


  • faron kee

    Not bad.

  • I usually dont like blondes, BUT THIS GUY IS THE DEFINITION OF PERFECTION WOW!!! I cant believe how gorgeous he is! Unreal!! he is going to do sooo well in the modeling world il be following his career! Ciao Kisses xxx

  • K

    Aghhh!!! His eyesss! And his cheekbones and jaw!!! Woah.

  • very handsome but still the same expression!

  • tuba

    he’s amazing eyes , he s alike with ben bowers but taller thn ben

  • It’s been a year now, he hasn’t done any runway at all! (to my knowledge) Which is a male model very few options to go big.

  • Syd

    Soooo good looking. He looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch guy.

  • Steve

    OGOD! I’m in Love!!! He is Breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Yes, He is like a doll – fortunately I LOVE playing with dolls!!!