Competitive high jumper Madalina was discovered by MRA Models Bucharest 2 months ago. Madalina has a look that crosses over all markets. Fine features, blonde, blue eyed insouciance and a lean, athletic body gives this sports student the lead in the fashion stakes. With dreams of travel to USA and European markets, with this much promise Madalina will have agencies jumping to sign her!


Full Name:
Madalina Copka

175cm / 5′9″
83 cm / 32.5″
58 cm / 23″
87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Bucharest, Romania

Date of Birth:
March 13


Mother Agency:
MRA Models

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  • whatever

    she looks soooo fresh!!!

  • carole

    Great body! It’s toned-thin, if that makes any sense. She shouldn’t lose any more weight though. This is perfect.

  • erika

    Beautiful girl… an exotic blonde.

  • Yasmin

    cute, but she doesn’t really stand out :-/ There are tons of models who look like her.

  • me

    I love the first photograph.

  • LOU

    Bloody gorgeous!

  • Helenm

    She is soooo thin! Im like wow, agree 100% with @carole .
    She’s so fresh; beautiful and delicate; though her height… appart from that she’s full package :D

  • Micky

    How old is she? I really think she is very young … less than 16 yrs for sure.
    Honestly she doesn’t look like a Romanian.
    Very interesting face and incredible body!

  • Ade

    @Micky If she is a competitive high jumper she is probably 16 or older. I think high jumping begins to get competitive at a High School level.

    Anyways, beautiful girl! I want to see more of here soon.

  • Beautiful girl О_о

  • a fellow Pisces…welcome!

  • scout

    Really beautiful girl, and I love that she rides. I could see her for RL Rugby! :-)

  • Arijan

    she really fit into the industrial model

  • sorallas

    Always the same faces and the same eyes,always the same look…

  • Nicole

    Future runway filler, definitely. And the polaroid where she’s saluting is so awkward…

  • NEX

    she’s ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous! love her beautiful blue eyes. certainly will be a model.

  • a. b.

    Is this the new girl for All Saints? She awesome and if so congrats to her!

  • Gabriel.dominic

    shes gorgeous. its tantalizing

  • HH

    Actress looking..too commercial