No, not one of the famous Jo Bros, this Jonas was scouted by Place Models while visiting Hamburg for the first time with friends. And under all that hair lies the incredible bone structure and presence of a male model wunderkind. Yes, he may need a little bit of a makeover, but Jonas has boundless potential. This Bavarian boy’s flawless face combined with his tall, lean and elegant presence says runway/editorial in any language. Watch this space for future updates.


Full Name:
Jonas R.

187cm / 6′1.5″

Place of Origin:
Aschaffenburg, Germany

Date of Birth:
October 28


Mother Agency:
Place Models

EYE Models

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  • peachboy

    Honestly i don’t think he even really needs a makeover, he is DEAD sexyyyyy with or without, sure he would look sexy with shorter or longer hair, but who cares, he is yummmmm

  • GP

    Gorgeous face. Very Versace

  • anna

    Do they need an assistant at Place Models? ;-)

  • harlow

    amazing <3

  • janina

    Rock star,very cool,love the last picture.

  • Nelly

    Fashion Mick Jagger

  • Christin


  • 11.11.11. definitely brought us something stunning! Somehow the first set of photos reminds me of Marlon Teixeira. Nevertheless, he’s amazing.

  • erika

    Wow, what an unique, exotic look. Definitely high fashion!

  • miguel

    A boy and model of the most handsome and interesting in the world.

  • Vic

    In this place ( models) dreams come true :-)

  • I knew he will made it.
    In my blog I introduced Jonas in September this year as a model with great potential. And what do I have to say, I´was right. Congratulations Jonas. You will do your way and I´am proud to have had the opportunity working with you as one of the first photographers.

  • Sebastien

    Don’t like the hairdo but besides that he’s ok

  • Nelly

    @Alberto Bruni : Do you problems with your ego?

  • carole

    It’s Andy Samberg! Hahahaha.

  • WOW !!!

  • NEX

    so many great things from him. great eyes, great hair style, great bone structure, and great neck. he’s amazing. from whole shoots, the second one is my favorite.

  • Absolutely stunning! I love the black and whites in the beginning. His bone structure is impeccable. I do like him with a rougher look, i.e. facial hair. But it’s interesting how he morphs from one photo to the next, especially when he shaves. Hope he does well!