Like sunshine on a cloudy day comes Cali girl Sterling. Modelling for only 4 months with Vision LA, Sterling has amazing green eyes and the lean body of a dancer – which comes thanks to 10 years of ballet and tae kwon do. With her understated yet classic elegance, Sterling is the type of beauty to capture everyone’s full attention as soon as she walks into a room. Yes, Sterling’s aspirational appeal makes us all wish could be California girls!


Full Name:
Sterling Clairmont

Dark Brown
177cm / 5′9.5″
84 cm / 33″
58 cm / 23″
84 cm / 33″

Place of Origin:
Pleasant Hill, California, USA

Date of Birth:
June 26


Mother Agency:
Vision LA

  • HH

    Beach Californian babe!Tanned,green-eyed,broad shouldered.What’s not to like?She does look understated but I think what she needs now is presence.Other than those green eyes..

  • OMG!!! Her face is amazing + those green eyes = SUPERMODEL

  • harlow



    She is really beautifull!!
    Maybe she has to learn better how to move in front of the camera, but I’m sure she will

  • Ali

    Sexy girl!!The eyes are piercing.

  • jake

    so pretty and alluring. could be a maybelline girl if her career takes off as it should.

  • Julien

    She don’t need to learn how to move infront of the camera trust me, go take a look to her book. She’s absolutly stunning and gonna be a star

  • Beautiful eyes and lips but needs more practice if she wants to be a successful model.

  • Ricardo

    OMG, this girl is just perfect. Her body is natural slim, her face is gorgeous. She does not need to efford to take great pictures. Very unique

  • erika

    Wow those eyes…. she’s got a special, exotic look!

  • bettina

    a supermodel is born. Good luck girl

  • Donna

    I think this girl should have a beauty contract within a month. oh and im sure she can pull off any high fashion runway. im pointing at her! best model of the week so far.

  • Nanner

    Incredibly beautiful!!

  • Serna

    she has major potential, this is a money girl. I can see everyone jumping at her!

  • Mihu

    The most beautiful new girl I have seen here recently! Amazing face and perfect body, slim but very healthy looking. OMG, and the eyes are nearly freaky, what makes her very unique! Perfect name for a jewel!

  • cindy

    Amazing looking girl!
    The eyes are gorgeous, the color and shape!

  • cindy

    Kind of like a combo of Carole Bouquet and Daria D.

  • natasha

    a good find

  • Sebastien

    Amazing. A mix of Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and her own beauty

  • nani

    Very beautiful, though I feel like I’ve seen her face thousands of times before.

  • Samanta

    She has amazing face ! Goddes ;) Top-model!
    with love from Shanghai!

  • Wow, Sterling is amazing! Reminds of Angelina Jolie…what a great look, figure, and yes, those eyes…she has huge potential and go very, very far…and no, she does not need to learn how to move in front of the camera- 10 years of ballet? hel-lo? All she needs is a great professional photographer that knows how to compose an image other than these amateur snapshots

  • miguel

    His stunning green eyes are nothing new and not very interestings for my,reminds too much to others important models.But is very beautiful and her image,strong.

  • Stunning! With 10 years of ballet experience I bet she’s a really great mover too. I wish more models did dance training.

  • Yasmin

    OH – MY – GOD !!!! She is utterly beautiful! :-O
    Great body and face!!! Her eyes are to die for and just unreal…

  • Kaitlin Robbins

    Stunning! I love you sterling & I’m so proud of you!

  • Suzy

    Her beautiful spirit radiates through her gorgeous exterior. Everyone looks posed in a polaroid, but if you have been lucky enough to see her other photos, you know that this girl has what it takes to be a star.


  • Coco

    her colouring is to dieee forrr :O daayyum girl someone is blessed

  • danielle

    I agree with nani, her eyes are amazing, but is her look unique enough to make her a standout? I don’t know…

  • Catherine

    its a shame that shes only rlly around 5’8 in person at best ://

  • NEX

    beautfiul eyes, stunning skin tone, and great look! she has all the packages to be a model.

  • LA social

    Catherine.. you are WRONG dear.. As someone who sees her on a regular basis she is her correct height as stated.. And thats a fact.. STOP HATING! Its not a good look for you..

  • Catherine she is 5’9 I meet her at a casting and she was taller then me… I’m 5’8

  • Anonymous

    Bay Area represent!

  • GP

    Natural born model. Breath taking beauty.

  • BeniT

    This girl is amazing! She has been popping up everywhere. Guess, Planet Blue .. Everywhere! So great to see great talent represented properly. Congrats Vision .. you have a real gem on your hands. These pictures are great but the stuff we’ve been seeing in print of her is unbelievable! Welcome to the biz Sterling. Can’t wait to book you! :)

  • Julien

    Hey everyone, I’m a good friend of Sterling and she really is 5’9,5

  • editorial_king

    Has the sexy eye appeal of Adrianna Lima.. skin to die for.. and presence and swagger of a TOP MODEL.. saw this girl a few weeks ago and SHE STANDS OUT in a crowd of models, definietly a rare gem that only comes around so often.. She will have multiple beauty contracts..

  • wow!

  • Lily

    I’m sorry but she’s no Hilary Rhoda, she’s Irina Shayk…

  • charlotte

    beautiful girl.. will be interesting to see which arena her management will push her towards

  • KF

    I look at new faces all the time and this girl is STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous face, eyes and beautiful body. She looks very healthy too and I always like that.

  • julie

    Im confused i thought she was with NEXT montreal? this girl isnt new shes been around for a while

  • rowan

    She’s 20

  • wow – she reminds me why I miss California!

  • K

    I love the name Sterling. And she has gorgeous eyes.

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