Daily Duo: Patrick



From Baltimore, the city we grew to love through five seasons of The Wire, comes Patrick, who was scouted whilst working in Philly (but who’d ever leave Baltimore?). Already signed with DNA NY, this kid has edge – he’s a skateboarding graffiti artist but has ambitions to wear Prada and Givenchy. And with a look that brings elegance as well as street cred, nothing will hold Patrick back from his dreams. And as Prop Joe says – look the part, be the part.


Full Name:
Patrick Adams

189cm / 6′2.5″

Place of Origin:
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Date of Birth:
November 17


Mother Agency:
World Models Management

DNA Models

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  • He has a great potential! I want to see him with more hair!

  • Wow at that amazing face. Such incredible bone structure, and those piercing eyes. Love everything about him, including his height!

  • harlow

    ugh the last pics are too bright

  • Patrick has great potential to be a model. Masculine bone structure and bright blue eyes suit him well. I wish I had more models like him, & hope to see him go far in the industry. :D


  • Agreed Harlow! Who chose them?!

  • Carol

    He looks amazing I see GREAT things in his future!!!!

  • Ha! Great work buddy!

  • fashion Student

    really bored off skater/dj/artist/rockstar models covered in tattoos who just pose in magazine smoking and pulling funny faces

    A fresh new look is badly needed

  • adam

    WOW! he’s got major potential. haven’t seen a new face like this in a long time. can’t wait to see!
    i predict Alasdair would flip out over him.

  • Michael

    No. No. No. What is this? Models should be someone who you find attractive. Not just someone with a “unique look”. If you walked by this man on the street can you honestly say you would look twice at him?

  • NEX

    great expressions!

  • kiki

    Yuri Pleskun’s long-long brother?

  • iamchalky

    A cool and fresh look.

  • stripedman201

    Omg… Patrick is so hot…. I could see going a very long way