Daily Duo: Lenka



Discovered recently by Direct Scouting Center, sixteen year old Lenka is another totally exciting new girl from Russia. Passionate about animal welfare (she’s the proud owner of 10 Scottish Fold and British Shorthair cats!), and full of personality, Lenka’s look is already quirky and engaging, but this girl has the goods to mature into something very special. Unsigned in any major markets, Lenka has ambitions to take on the fashion world, and with the right placements she certainly can do.


Full Name:
Lenka Varvarova

Dark Blonde
176cm / 5′9.5″
83 cm / 32.5″
55 cm / 21.5″
85 cm / 33.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
January 21


Mother Agency:
Direct Scouting Center

Wizard Models (Tokyo)

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  • MoNaMoUr

    Supercoool!!! This girl is amazing! And great legs.

  • Leonie

    just wow !

  • camille waldorf

    She can do what ever she wants as long as she creates it!

  • Agnieszka

    How old is she? 14? Pretty but too young.

  • NEX

    I adore her mellow eyes. that would be her asset in modeling. love the classic shoots anyway.

  • Marty

    She’s gorgeous but the Russian girl is kinda… old

  • scout

    She is ADORABLE! Love! Excited to see where she is placed and what she does.

  • BD

    Love the close ups! Someone major sign this girl!

  • lea

    omg ! i cant believe my eyes…amazing

  • sASHA

    Quirky and beautiful girl, but personally I think she’s pushing the thin barrier even for a model. Suppose she is young though.

  • erika

    Awesome Russian beauty!!

  • Lena is sooo super cute!!!!!

  • catleen

    Very interesting face, cool but please get her an ears job and after she’ll be amazing!

  • Magdalena

    she looks more like thirteen to me , which is sad to me , she looks great , but way too young even childish

  • becca

    amazing legs and very cute. I like her ears as they are. They make her different, however she looks sooo young to the point where it’s hard to take her seriously dressed up as an adult. Let the girl grow into herself a little and then we’ll see what she can do.

  • Serna

    soo cute, has the right amount of quirky and a cuteness that should blend well into fashion. I can see IMG or DNA jumping on this one.

  • Lenka

    Thank you

  • Naomi

    She’s sixteen, not fourteen, fine age and absolutely gorgeous!

  • Yasmin

    too young, too unsymmetric face… but still she does have something interesting.

  • meg

    so gorgeous naturally!

  • HH

    I can’t explain how much I like Lenka!Innocent and mischievous!! <3 <3

  • Matimus

    Jesus. Will a moderator please remove Catleens comment. Can you imagine this poor young girl seeing someone post something like that? Im sure she already has enough insecurities as a teen in the modeling industry without some woman making flippant remarks on this site.

    Lenka you are perfect as you are and a gorgeous young girl.

  • Nicole

    Sooooooo young-looking. They should wait at least another year or two to launch her…

  • Lee

    Young and pretty; the ear comment is just sad. Quirks make a face interesting and without them, a face would look just like everyone else (which does not model make). Yes, at the lower side of thin in the body pictures, but as a teenage model, this is completely fine. Assumptions has the word ‘ass’ in it for a reason. Congratulations on being here kid!

  • katrina

    she is 16. That is write at the top of this page.
    and yes, she looks soooo great!

  • Refiloe

    I like she look so fantasticulous i like he r eyes

  • amanda

    Lenka is fabulous. Her ears are special and absolutely complete her amazingly beautiful features. At 16 this kid has the best possible opportunity to make a great career as a model. And how nice that she wrote to say thank you. All the critics out there pay attention…there are gracious and beautiful people out there so check before you spec!!!

  • iamtjpresores

    Not your typical Russian beauty but I think she’s very odd and can be big in a Prada show.

  • quirky and witty beauty!

  • That’s a lot of cats! That’s a lot of leg! (In love)

  • miguel

    Amanda,always your and your nonsense,visionary.

  • hammy

    omg!!!! She is just a baby! She needs to wait.

  • Amazing!!! well done, great stuff…

  • Daisy

    catleen and miguel are such pathetic trolls…….

  • Alexis