Daily Duo: Joel



With a profile that turns heads, Joel was scouted three days before Stockholm Fashion Week at a fairground by Mathias and Love of Nisch Management. An instant client favourite, Joel went on to walk at the most shows out of all the models in Stockholm. Now also a veteran of Scandinavian campaigns, Joel has shot for Tiger Jeans, Nicolaj d’Etoiles and an H&M advertorial with Andreas Sjodin. Joel’s angular features, killer cheekbones and sophisticated intensity are definitely his unique selling point. Nisch has an eye for incredible talent, and Joel continues their success.


Full Name:
Joel Snöbohm

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Sollentuna, Sweden

Date of Birth:
February 20


Mother Agency:
Nisch Management

Ford Models Europe

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  • Love his look!

  • lIAS

    omg the first look: dye his hair blonde and you’ve got a male Melissa Tammerijn!

  • He is incredibly intriguing.

  • NEX

    wow, he is gorgeous! he has an unique bone structure. editorial or commercial? he absolutely can get both of them.

  • Valente’ F

    His profile KILLS ! The H&M shot is hot as well ! Much success to him ! -Valenté

    [ http://beyondtherunway.tumblr.com ]

  • miguel

    Is evident that he has potential,eyes and a body stunning, but do not see very handsome,his face does not convince me.

  • He’s absolutely beautiful. Incredible bone structure. Love him.

  • ineedmydailydose

    @lIAS my first thought too, Melissa Tammerijn!

  • M

    @ineedmydailydose I second that, he totally looks like her. Especially in the H&M sepia.

  • So many beautiful angles. He’d be a delight to photograph.

  • Mike

    Vampire? Male model without good looks??? Where did they all go??

  • ariadne

    I think I’m in love