Italian by way of Austria, Peter was signed very recently after a friend introduced him to the agents at Elite Milan. The picture of masculine, all-out handsomeness, when not modelling you might find Peter listening to house music, playing water polo, or cutting a dashing figure on the university campus where he studies architecture. Despite being in the industry for a only short time, he’s already shot for GQ Style with Giampaolo Sgura – definitely testament to this boy’s modern yet sophisticated appeal. Classic never goes out of style!


Full Name:
Peter Lissidini

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Innsbruck, Austria

Date of Birth:
October 3


Elite Milan

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  • He’s gorgeous! I love his smile!

  • redemptn

    thats what i call a hot austrian lol
    amazing.. i can see him doing a ralph lauren campaign

  • valerian

    He can definitely have an Ollie Edwards type of career with his classic good looks

  • Valente’ F

    I agree with the comment above, I see a Ralph Lauren campaign in his future.

  • Classic indeed. He could have been used in any campaign at any time since the dawn of advertising.

  • w0krestaurant

    i do see a little bit of hanne gaby in his face… i might sound a bit stupid here :P

  • NEX

    bone, bone, bone! so masculine! and he knows hoe to smize!

  • Andreas

    the hanne gaby comparison isn’t that wrong i think. i can see it too, although with his face he’s got a more classic look than she does imo.

  • miguel

    Classic,very attractive,face and body irresistibly sexy but does not stand out much.

  • Céline

    YES! He is gorgeous!….oh, and Miguel, learn how to write in english! It´s annoying.

  • Mike

    what a Model should look like!! Thank you, Finally I’m seeing on this site an attractive person other than a Vampire or some Crack addict.