Daily Duo: Emily G.



Hailing from that hotbed of hotness known as Perth, Western Australia, Emily is genetically blessed – her mum was a model too. With her powerful glare, ultimate model body and chameleon-like changeability, Emily has so far worked in Asia but is now ready for international markets. An impressive level of professionalism and passion for acting make Emily the kind of girl people love to work with. This kid, born on Christmas Eve, is a joy to the world.


Full Name:
Emily Green

176cm / 5′9″
81 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Perth, Australia

Date of Birth:
December 24


Mother Agency:
Vivien’s Model Management

DCM Model Management

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  • valerian

    perfect example of model hybrid. Mix between current Australian hottie Amanda Ware and star of The City (and part-time model herself) Allie Crandell.

  • Ali

    -Rocking the big eye-brows

  • ATP

    upgraded version of miranda kerr!

  • Saki

    she is so fucking gorgeous!
    i see a lot of potential on her

  • Striking! Remember Talisa Soto?

  • Ayron

    OH MY GOODNESS, the shape of her eyes match perfectly with her luscious eyebrows and her love-heart shaped face!

  • miguel

    She is excellent,great face,is a beauty as the Spanish model Eugenia Silva.

  • rose

    absolutely gorgeous. so cute.

  • Ooohhh!! Best thing to come out of Perth for a while!

  • Clarissa

    I love this girl’s look! She has a strong face and you can tell she gives a lot during her shoots. :)

  • Yasmin

    pretty amazing!!!

    (but too much make up in the snapshots…)

  • RObert

    Prettier/Fashion version of Vanessa hudgens

  • Megan

    these perth girls I swear. they are all so perfect

  • Valente’ F

    LOL at the “joy to the world” comment ! Her eyes are very alluring, which also compliments her strong eyebrows as well. Her photos look HOT but I hope they don’t do anything to her hair.


  • abbey

    her face is almost unbelievable!

  • bee


  • Wow. I’m honestly speechless. Now THAT’S a model.

  • mark

    is that Elena from vampire diaries?

  • Emily is amazing…wow, what a great look and presence, she really brings it in every way to each shot, from her look, to her eyes, to her face, to her dancerly movement, a majorly talented model here, and yes – its talent

  • erika

    Wow, she’s pretty exquisite… elegant for runway & also potential for tons of commercial work. What’s in the water there? LOL

  • nádia

    Her eyes, OMG! :O so big, so deep <333

    YOUR EYES LIE GIVEAWAY at my blog!


  • Carl Green

    This is my daughter Emily Green. Her beauty goes beyond skin deep, she’s truly a beautiful and lovely person and I’m so proud of her. I love you Em, from your Dad. xxx

  • ana

    fake teeth?

  • Renny Chivunga

    Go girl make australia proud! Viv’s another success story!