With a scowl, razor sharp cheekbones, loads of personal style, and a thatch of blond hair, Matt is what Brit boys are all about. Matt walked for Dior Homme during men’s fashion week, and his runway presence has been duly noted, but we see great editorial potential too. Add that to the fact that he has a degree in Modern Literature, and is a member of the band Crush Beaks, and we’ve found ourselves a man for all seasons!


Full Name:
Matt Poile

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Guilford, UK

Date of Birth:
January 27


Mother Agency:
Select Model Management

Independent Men

  • NEX

    he’s cool and i do see his potential.

  • Ayron

    What a beautiful skinny boy!
    Not saying he’s bad or anything, he can tend to look like the other 100000 male models out there.

  • Valente’ F

    WOW so not only is he skilled in modeling but writing and performing as well which is a plus ! however, I agree with Ayron’s comment. Although he has the potential to do great things in modeling he is just a dime in the dozen of other guys that has a similar look such as his. Its time to bring some excitement !

  • miguel

    Has a classical image and very fresh,a lot of potential and a career as model of the most interesting.

  • Chalky

    The girls will like Matt. Sex and cool.

  • Sailor

    He needs to Learn to use his mouth & jaw properly. Definite potential, but agree w/ Ayron – so similar to so many others.

  • I photograph

    When I first clocked his face at their gig, I remember thinking I’d be a bloody good scout as those cheekbones are striking as is his overall look. But what d’ya know I was beaten to it. I understand what many are saying about the classic similarities he holds but based on what he does have, it would perhaps be unworthy if he didn’t use it productively through modelling.

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