Daily Duo: Amanda N.



Canadian girl Amanda has an indefinable wow factor that has recently landed her eleven shows in Paris alone, at her first fashion week ever. Discovered in Ottawa two years ago, Amanda wisely chose to finish school before modelling full time. Now at 18, Amanda has a timelessness and serenity way beyond her age. Watch out for this girl in the new year – the buzz is that clients haven’t seen a model like Amanda in 25 years, a sentiment that can only lead to great things.


Full Name:
Amanda Nimmo

178cm / 5′10″
82 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
85 cm / 33.5″

Place of Origin:
Ottawa, Canada

Date of Birth:
July 18


Mother Agency:
CoverModels Management

DNA Models


Bravo Models


Visage Management

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  • Ali

    The 25years comment seems a little extreme.

    But saying that, I do see potential.

    She is a blank canvas type model imo.

  • NEX

    Gosh! she has a couple of gorgeous eyes and she definitely know how to use it greatly in front of camera.

  • Ayron

    I always seem to like model versions of Jennifer Aniston.

  • Julien

    I agree with the first comment, she tend to look like Hailey Clausen but she’s more a blank canvas

  • simbli

    There is many girls looking exactly the same as her… for me very forgottable face… :-(

  • T

    so Vera Brezhneva))

  • Valente’ F

    Congrats to Amanda to join the Canadian greats like the beautiful CoCo Rocha. She seems as though she would be up to par with her and continue to give Canada a good name.


  • Erika

    Very pretty but not standout.

  • Lance

    Agree with the 25 years comment being extreme – there are several drop dead gorgeous girls , around – Kamen Pedaru , Jac , Andreea Diaconu , Emili Didonato , Emily Baker just to name a few . With that said – in my opinion I do think that Amanda is Gorgeous and has chances to do very well in this business.

  • lea

    i adore her !!

  • Samanta

    Girl. You are beautiful. no doubt…. why do u guys start to judge girls? we can’t judge, we should admire… ! sometimes i just wish i could see who are these gorgeous people saying all that mean stuff… are you guys amazingly perfect to say if that or other girl has sth wrong with her? she is beautiful. no offence…. peace! ;)

  • Yasmin


  • Mimi

    She’s pretty and she has very beautiful skin.

  • simbli

    If I´m not beautiful I cant make constructive critic? Haloooo critis are in need and without them there wouldnt even be the good things!

  • Rubiii


  • Drew

    She is beautiful, but maybe she should change her appearance, like become brunette, or cut her hair in a different way (more fashionable).

  • ANIA

    I agree. She is definitely a pretty girl but the 25 year comment is taking it a bit far. Not standout and cannot compare to the new faces in NYC at the moment. Good luck to her though!

  • HH

    Absolute LOVE!!Serene and elfin look.

  • miguel

    I´m not excited with this girl by no means,i do not see she very special.

  • hammy

    Nice, but nothing special. I have already forgotten her face. :(

  • robbie

    It looks like all the comment are from people from other agency quite disapponited cose they don’t have such a BEAUTY …
    Come on be serius

  • K

    I like her.

  • colette

    looks like erin heatherton