Daily Duo: Betsy



Another chica bonita from the Dominican Republic, Betsy was discovered at a local casting by Luis Menieur. Now signed with Trump NY and Marilyn Paris, we hear that Betsy has an amazing personality to go along with her unique and fierce look. With her epic brows, interesting bone structure and luminous, beautiful eyes, Betsy is kind of quirky but can pull off a range of looks. Think of a high fashion Frida Kahlo, and you might be close to summing up Betsy’s beauty.


Full Name:
Betsy Sanchez Melo

176cm / 5′9″
76 cm / 30″
58 cm / 23″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Date of Birth:
August 29


Mother Agency:
Luis Menieur Model Management

Trump Management

Marilyn Agency

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  • Ali

    She is the perfect example, where you look average in person (polaroids), but transform in photos with a bit of make-up.

  • han

    Don’t see the appeal.

  • indiekid


  • cellero

    Ali…pls let me know on which photo looks she average?

  • aNA

    I think she looks so gorgeous, an extremely rare dominican beauty, fresh….

  • albert

    Whats with MDC and the Dominican hype? Not belittling Betsy’s potential, just saying theres many other Latin models aside from Dominican, ike Issa Lish (Women Direct) and Cristina Piccone (Muse), both from Mexico, who had a relatively good show season in New York.

  • anastasia beverhausen

    All bow down to the absolute queen of brows!

  • albert

    Whats with MDC and the Dominican hype? Not belittling Betsy’s potential, just saying theres many other Latin models aside from Dominican. Like Issa Lish (Women Direct) and Cristina Piccone (Muse), both newcomers from Mexico, who had a relatively good show season in New York.

  • Ali

    @cellero, I was referring to the Polaroid type shots. But yeah may b ‘average’ is not the right word to use.

    Basically she looks better with make-up, which a model should do.

  • Becker

    Wooah!! Go Betsy… So beautiful and different.

  • she look amazing in every photo, I see on a show in NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, AMAZING GIRL!

  • I dont hear whats people say I just love the betsy face, dont you?

  • Wow, Betsy is AMAZING. What a beauty, she could also be a great presence in film if she puts her mind to acting…anyone that calls this girl average is blind with jealousy…I have interviewed thousands and thousand of models from all over the world and Betsy is not only one in a million, she is one in many millions of millions of millions, what a great new face!

  • Laura

    She looks so wow! Her eyes totally cath me ! I LOVE HER, and the Polaroids she looks strong! Keep that way girl

  • laurel

    her full length polaroids are not pleasant.

  • Rubiii

    nothing special!

  • …i don’t know about you guys but, i like her! subtle stand-alone features like her brows can be enough to set the tone.


  • kf

    sorry but the big eyebrows are just too much… she has a runway body, but he face isnt very pretty

  • nasir

    nice eyebrows.

  • Valente’ F

    She has that youthful appeal that im sure Paris would love !


  • DAnte

    This girl is just amazing, what a nice pics she has, her eyes are really catching they just got me right there, nice face as well love it, she has and amazing future on modeling for sure! :) keep it up!

  • HH

    That is an EPIC brow.I love the pic with brown jacket on.She doesn’t wows me that much but I agree that she has a big potential

  • NEX

    oh my Lord! I truly love her great eyebrows and her mellow eyes shape. those assets will take her far away into high-fashion.

  • Nicole

    I usually like bigger eyebrows, but I think they work against her features in most of these.

  • abbey

    all of the models in new faces recently have been amazing, betsy included!! yay!!!!


    she is simply amazing!!! i don’t need another word to describe her>>>>AMAZING

  • Waching her photos i see that, she got mistery, she has an angelical face an also she has a runway body!!!!

  • K

    I love her eyebrows!!! She’s cute!

  • Ok! This is just amazing!! I love her eyebrows and I love her personality too, she’s cool and unique, I’m sure she will be a big model! :) ps: She has natural beauty. Which means she doesn’t need make-up to pull up her beauty. Xx