Though still brand new to the business, Love has a whole lot about her that we… well, love! Although this 17 year old is only 5’8″, her delicate, feline features, killer cheekbones and incredible mouth are more than enough to render height inconsequential. Discovered in Moscow by a scout from Figaro Models, and with an air of mystery and melancholia so apparent in her shots, Love’s presence is unforgettable. Unsigned outside of Russia, there’s definitely a place for this girl in the international market. After all, what’s not to love about Love?


Full Name:
Love Migulko

173cm / 5′8″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Moscow, Russia

Date of Birth:
June 1


Mother Agency:
Figaro International Management Group

Uno Models

  • We <3 LOVE

  • She’s not as tall as a lot of the girls today but, I see money. She looks expensive. Beautiful girl.

  • ALi

    Her look, photogenic ability more than make up for her lack of height (which is not even that bad, there are quite a few of 5ft8 girls out there).

  • stace

    How could you not love, Love?
    I see major potential in this one, and those amazing eyes, sculpted cheeks and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lips!
    Campaigns should come her way.

  • lily

    she has such presence in her shots, like a figure from a pre-raphaelite painting

  • Danish

    OMG!!! She looks like a mermaid! so pure and beautiful!!

  • A.D

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful

  • Love is Beautiful

  • Erika

    Just pure unadulterated Russian gorgeous…. what more can you say? This girl will work like crazy & maybe she’ll grow an inch or 2.

  • Leonie

    there is something about her. can’t really describe it but she’s absolutely gorgeous and beautiful ! i love this melancholy in her eyes

  • Ann Arbor

    Strange looking eyes. A bit cross . . .
    The nose is proletariat. Not classic
    Must be some strange DNA, blend.
    Part Asian? Mongol?
    Body any good? At the end of the day, that’s
    what really matters, isn’t it so?

  • ATP

    i see magdalena frackowiak, i see shalom harlow, i see anais pouliot

  • Julien

    She’s a future star

  • Polina

    5’8 is not that short, right?

  • aleks_the fox

    A very very VERY beautiful girl. Her lips and eyes are amazing.

  • Coco


  • but

    in my opinion ,her face resembles ming xi !

  • kic

    versace girl (and kenzo aswell)! she looks so expensive! those beautiful lips!

  • miguel

    Very,very nice,has a great face and very interesting,but already,she is not a new sensation,nothing new and fascinating.

  • nádia

    Wow, she looks like an asian version of Bianca Balti, so gorgeous <3

  • Gi

    Finally a really interesting newface! Beautiful and unique! Love her eyes, so intense! Who cares about height? Kate Moss is about her height and is one of the greatest models ever! I really don’t get why that’s so important…

  • Abbey

    so so so amazing. best of luck, Love!!!

  • oksana

    oh my god.super über gorgeous if i was a client i would book her in every runway, campaign.

  • deschamp


  • andrew

    Mayya who? She is phenomenal looking, her eye shape and cheekbone proportions remind me of Heather Bratton.

  • oh what an amazing girl… bright future indeed!

  • To me she looks like Bianca Balti, Magdalena Frackowiak and Ruslana Korshunova all mixed into one, I like her!

  • natasha


  • I see Bianca definitely, but in the face shape, I see Gemma Ward too. She has a doll-like quality about her.

    Regardless of her height, this girl is dynamite.

  • HH

    I love Love!!!One of a kind look!A muse!

  • NEX

    her face is so mystique, but gorgeous at the same time. she definitely can be a great model.

  • Natalie

    Great face! Anyone know her full name??

  • Perfect look for modeling. She’s beautiful and has a memorable face. I hope she does well! :)

  • Darnell

    She could have been Five Eight cm with a face like that and i would have still signed her..
    The G.O.A.T is 5’7 what’s the the problem..

    Love her face, Love her lips, Love her eyes, Love her bone structure and Love that she’s made it into the industry.. Love is Loved!!

  • Krystina

    I ABSOLUTELY looove her but i really don’t know what her agency was thinking with the name.. it’s cute & all but without a proper name or surname google searching ‘model Love” to find anything new is extremely hard…

    Plus the amount of porn sites that pop up makes me wanna give up lol. Anyone know her name or if she’s signed to any other agencies than the ones already listed would be greatly appreciated:D

  • Dear Krystina, her full name is Love Migulko and it’s shown in the details above.
    Thanks for loving our beautiful girl! <3

  • Krystina

    Thanx I was only asking because previously she was only listed as “Love” without a lastname.

    Subsequently, I found out her real name is Luba Migulko. In addition to being signed to Uno Barcelona & Figaro models, her other agencies are Perfect10 models in Jakarta & Muga models in Hamburg. Though I’m unsure if there are others…

    Anyway, all of us on her thread on the fashion spot ( are really rooting for her internationally success & really hoping to see her soon on major runways, covers, eds & campaigns.

  • anonymous

    Does anybody know if she have a twitter or instagram?? Would be nice to follow to see what’s new & keep up with all her work;P

  • anonymous

    ^^She’s also with Fashion models management in Milan & MD Models Management in Hamburg, Germany. She’s an absolutely STUNNING & delicate beauty. Hope to see her on the runways sometime soon^_^

  • anonymous

    She’s signed with A1 models in Bangkok. Her Instagram is love_migu.

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