Daily Duo: Cesar



Based in Florida, Havana-born veterinary student Cesar has an interesting ethnic background (Chinese & Cuban) which has resulted in this darkly handsome, very masculine newcomer. Cesar is newly minted and very excited about beginning his modeling career – and he’s already off to a flying start, having shot with Nicola Formichetti and Steven Klein as a result of being a VMan contest finalist. Discovered at a basketball game by Zodiac Management, and now signed to Ford NY and Success Paris, Cesar is nothing less than caliente!


Full Name:
Cesar Chiang

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Havana, Cuba

Date of Birth:
December 4


Mother Agency:
Zodiac Management

Ford Models

Success Models

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  • nandos

    Chinese really? Cant see it!

  • Wow. A beautiful kid.

  • Carla

    such a cutie:) i think he’ll make it..BIG.

  • Carla

    *no puns intended! ;)

  • ALi

    Really cool looking guy. He has the makings of a top model imo, something intriguing about him.

  • Not a single bad shot, and such beautiful skin. Hail Cesar!

  • nic


  • SEancrwon

    WOW WOW WOW, a real man, he’s gorgeous! I see a real career in this one.

  • Cuban/Chinese – sounds very interesting even though it’s true that there’s not a lot of Chinese visible. Maybe 1/4 Chinese

  • megan

    He’s so beautiful!

  • miguel

    Great and unique face,a strong image and all the potential to be a great model.

  • kic

    beautiful guy!

  • Chinese Cuban isn’t so rare – there’s was a sizable Chinese community in Havana –

  • Lindsay

    Amazingggggg I love him, so handsome! Might be a big community of it in Cuba, but haven’t seen this in the industry, ever.

  • luluz

    i like his ears , very interesting!

  • Rubiii


  • Hoi, how is it going with you.i select you like a friend

  • NEX

    not so smizing, but still has a potential.

  • abbey

    awww wittle baby!!! he’s adorable <3

  • chrispierre

    theres a sizeable chinese population in the caribbean in general chinese jamaicans and chinese ricans isnt wierd either he looks like he’s mostly white cuban tho i agree

  • Perfect.
    Cesar has full lips, bold eyebrows, a strong bone structure, and an ideal height for male models today. I hope he goes far!


  • Ren

    AMAZING!!! i think his eyes are the most interesting part. im chinese myself, so some of the pictures i do see the chinese eyes coming thru. especially that smileing picture. so cute. hope to see him in the runways soon!