Wojtek is a Pole who’s look really packs a punch. Discovered when he accompanied a friend to a photo shoot, Wojtek ended up being placed front and center. With his intense and masculine beauty, and some great agencies hot on his heels, we are expecting to see quite a bit more of this boy in the future.


Full Name:
Wojtek Ogorzalek

Dark Blond
185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Wroclaw, Poland

Date of Birth:
July 29 1989


Mother Agency
8fi Models

Mega Model Agency

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  • I’ve heard of him. His look is very promising. He’s cute and looks much younger than 20!!!

  • He looks a bit like R.Pitt!

  • Nigel S.

    Yeah, his face is pretty intense. Love his teeth.

    He certainly does not look younger “much” younger than 20.

  • as

    HOT!!!!!!!! the hottest looking guy I have seen for ages!!!!!!! and the hottest looking Pole I have ever seen!

  • md

    he’s so great.
    they said he looks like better version of Robert Pattinson ;)

  • Shee

    Muito Belo papa!..[lol] Very nice discovery!

  • peter

    so nice, your face’s special and a man with 20 years old

  • nee nee

    i must agree a better version of robert pattinson…then again this kid is another league