Daily Duo: Nikola O.



Latvian lovely Nikola was discovered at a dance show in her hometown of Riga. Currently in Milan (chaperoned by big sis Simona) to meet and greet, Nikola has created quite a buzz, something her agencies intend to build on in the coming seasons. A classical ballerina and classically beautiful, Nikola is on the slow burn – she may not become a sensation overnight, but keep a look out for this girl over the next few years.


Full Name:
Nikola Osipova

178cm / 5′10″
81 cm / 32″
58 cm / 23″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Riga, Latvia

Date of Birth:
October 29


Mother Agency:
Star System

2morrow model

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  • NEX

    love how she looks straight to the camera.

  • erika

    Interesting, unique looking & probably will be great for high fashion.

  • Beautiful face, her eyes and her profile are fantastic.

  • Yasmin

    cute but she doesn’t stand out…

  • very classy, but not for editorial.

  • I like her look, I just don’t see a fire or passion in this girl however.


  • lithe & elegant. love the hint of coyness in some of her expressions. she’s more versatile than i anticipated from seeing just the first shot.

  • KITTY88

    Beautful and super cool! She reminds me of a young Karmen Pedaru!

  • Kisses

    kinda reminds me of karmen pedaru. great body!

  • Trueheart

    WOW! She looks fierce! What a great face, I love her!

  • miguel

    More of the same,she doesn´t stand out or attract,your look does not interest me.

  • bettina

    boring, boring boring!
    nothing special

  • Coco

    she has amazing colouring if that makes any sense :P

  • nik

    There’s better girls. I just don’t understand!

  • Linda

    Absolutely amazing girl

  • Rubiii

    Agree with bettina !