Daily Duo: Jan



Swiss mister Jan hails from the city of Bern, but was scouted on the other side of the world in Perth, Western Australia. Studying Down Under for 12 months as an exchange student, Jan sent some photos into Vivien’s Model Management and was signed on the spot. Rosy cheeked and boyishly handsome, Jan’s got just a few digitals and a video to his name so far, but that’s enough to tell that he’s got what it takes. Wait and see!


Full Name:
Jan Aeberhard

Dark Blonde
186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Bern, Switzerland

Date of Birth:
October 13


Mother Agency:
Vivien’s Model Management (Australia wide)


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  • NEX

    love his bone structure, big eyes, and gorgeous back bone! about his pictures, just need more shoots to give a comment.

  • handsome.. gotta see him on his first editorial

  • miguel

    There are few fhotos,but he is good,has a good face,eyes y lips interesting,he is very young but is of concern beacuse he has many possibilities.

  • Vlada

    A few digitals and a video is enough to determine that “he’s got what it takes”?

  • jessica

    not really seeing anything here

  • Riya

    He’s gorgeous. He’s beautiful and handsome and has a gorgeous smile. I want to see more of him everywhere and I know he will do great. He knows how to profile and his poses are really good. He has great hair, eyes, eyebrows, jawline, body, and he has a plus with those pouty lips.

  • lisa

    Love it! He’s adorable and good looking..i see good things in his future