Daily Duo: Thomas S.



Düsseldorf native Thomas was discovered whilst visiting his brother in Cologne. Signed with Quantum 7 and placed exclusively with Success, Thomas has already kicked off a stellar season, walking for Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Viktor & Rolf – quite the start for this new find. Curiously handsome, Thomas’ harsh and brooding features mix together to give him a thoroughly editorial and runway presence. Currently obsessed with his modeling career, Thomas has the making of a stayer in the industry!


Full Name:
Thomas Sottong

Dark Blonde
188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Düsseldorf, Germany

Date of Birth:
August 9


Mother Agency:
Quantum 7 Model Management

Success Models

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  • NEX

    he’s quite classic in a good way.

  • Micha

    nice face! very masculine!

  • Incredibly sexy and virile and red-blooded, looks like a soccer lover. Emanates a toughness on the outside, but lots of passion and sensibility on the inside. The eyes threaten. Definitely a Leo and a stunner

  • W

    Great Chest, why not took it off?

  • cindy

    Is Germany the only place model scouts are at right now?
    Do they ever go to Turkey, Iceland or Mexico?

  • Anna

    Dont see it

  • gressex

    Nice body & features. Does he smile at all???

  • Very nice model.. Sport couture absolutely fit on him… And German again??.. :))