Anna got her start after being spotted in the streets of Aarhus, Denmark, by a scout from Le Management. Yes, she is young, but Anna has been getting a lot of Model 101 training locally in Denmark, building her confidence and style. With a hauntingly beautiful face, Anna’s photos showcase her luminescent presence, which will only continue to improve – and when the time is right, we think this Dane will do some damage!


Full Name:
Anna Lund Sørensen

Dark Blonde
178cm / 5′10″
78 cm / 31″
61 cm / 24″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Aarhus, Denmark

Date of Birth:
February 25


Mother Agency:
Le Management


IMG Paris

IMG Milano

IMG London

  • sandy

    she looks so lovely in the polaroids . I really like this girl!!

  • What an amazing face!!! She doesn´t look too young at all!

  • i dont know why but her polaroids reminded me on polaroids of young doutzen, posted here xy years ago

  • Julien


  • jake

    love the first shot and her profile but i disagree with lucia, i think she appears to be very young

  • Beautiful girl, strong look. Comes across a little young when hitting certain angles but a tremendous upside. Best of luck Anna.


  • Erika

    WOW is all I can say…. sensational height, gorgeous face, perfect for runway & print.

  • no doubt she’ll do some damage

  • miguel

    Not stressed by nothing special,nor does attracts.

  • redemptn

    OMG i love her

  • miguel

    At first i did not like but i think she is the most interesting and beautiful model I´ve seen in Daily Duo without hesitasion.

  • natasha

    Oh my word <3

  • I think she looks very young as well but what a fresh fresh face! like a breath of fresh air in the morning. Lovely eyes as well.

  • M

    don’t see a lot of energy or life in her photos.

  • ino


  • Nicole

    Love her!

  • Anna has amazing features, I love her freckles and eye color. She has a very versatile look and I hope to see more photos of her.

    We have the same birthday! :D

  • Grace

    Stunning! She almost looks like a younger Natalie Joos??

    Does look a little young, but that will of course change.

    All the best Anna!

  • aleks_the fox

    she’s cute and fresh but so are most of the new faces.definitely beautiful girl. maybe something different from all of the other girls would be great. i’ve seen a lot of girls here that are pretty much more beautiful. anyway wish her very bright future.

  • ZUzana

    cute ! but she looks like a baby

  • NEX

    she is so fresh and love her eyes. some of her shoots make her to be a little bit old, but that’s okay ‘cos she becomes more edgy.

  • Yasmin

    Yes, she does look (too!) young… she looks like 13-15 years old!
    Anyway… cute fresh face; but I need to see more work of her. I love her profile.
    She reminds me of Anais P.

  • Weronica

    Oh my, I haven’t seen more beautiful girl for quite long time.

  • I shot her for PAFmagazine back in August for the autumn issue (october). Good face.

  • MRSO

    I have been trying to find out how to submit new models and become a verified agency on for months. No one seems to answer their emails! Can anyone help me?

  • On the cover of:

  • ALIce

    Reminds me of Doutzen at a young age. Nice… :)

  • hammy

    She is just a baby, she needs to wait another year or so.

  • K

    There’s something about her that’s just… captivating. She’s pretty!!! I think she has kind of a sleepy look to her.

  • Magnus

    I think she is one of the finest models i have ever seen.. Very nice!

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