Daily Duo: Oscar C.



Another Facebook find, Oscar is totally new. From the Dominican Republic, Oscar’s only test shoot showcases his raw beauty and versatility. Signed with Ossygeno Model Management, Oscar has a look that crosses over many markets, so he is sure to be snapped up by agencies quick smart. He’s tall, he’s dark, and he’s incredibly handsome… the DR does it again!


Full Name:
Oscar Casado

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Spain/Higuey, Dominican Republic

Date of Birth:
March 28


Mother Agency:
Ossygeno Models Management

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  • Ayron

    Gorgeous neck for a guy!

  • I agree fabulous neck, good physique but the hair doesn’t work, in his poses I’m not convinced yet of his editorial potential, perhaps too commercial at times but I think with the right hair and management I could see him doing good to start off in the modeling business.

  • Julien

    I’m not convinced, I agree with the second comment

  • Gorgeous kid, such a wonderful long elegant form and handsome fresh face! I love that he gives off a really natural vibe, not arrogant or aloof, very warm and approachable! That really is FRESH!!!

  • Becca

    His neck and cheek bones are amazing. He will offer a flavor to the industry that they always look over. I prefer his hair like it is. Again, offering the ethnic side to the world that has always been over looked. I appreciate his rawness and sophistication. Maybe lightening his hair slightly would be okay, but the texture NEEDS to stay. Believe it or not, we definitely get tired of the same look over and over again. All the greats have been the under dog and outcast at some point in their lives. Taking risk and never giving in to the “norm” is what makes GREATNESS. I say, more power to him and the agency that will let him be DOMINICAN.

  • helenapolowski

    the only agency that will take him in NY is Request. We have guys just as strong as him right here in NY though…

  • junior santana

    congratulation, i know u can do it, u are a handsome guy, and u can be in the top of the world…..

  • sara

    agree with second comment as well – good face, but the hair needs some work.

  • Roger

    I also have to agree with the second comment. I dislike his hair but he is good-looking all he needs is a makeover.

  • rikys

    I know hes able to be the model he wanna be :) .. Also has a great personality

  • Valente’ F

    Great Find but you call this dark ??? ummmmm….

  • open up the eyebrows near the glabella, in other words widen, soften that frown, change the hair and shave below the lips. The skin, neck and bones are perfect.

  • Cristalle Isabelle

    Wow… I’ve seen and worked with many models and many different looks. But there is something about him.. He is different and I can tell.. I think he has a lot to come at him in his modeling career, positively speaking.

  • luluz

    hes absolutely gorgeous
    tall and awesome

  • JeanCNoboa

    is Very Good.! Congratulations.!

  • Peter

    This guy is the FUTURE. He has great skin and a perfect look. His tan is so heavenly that one would fight it hard to say no to him. More importantly though is that he has chosen to remove his body hair, especially underarms and legs. This is the FUTURE. It’s time for men to realise that they are beautiful as well, not only women, and to morph both genders and their beuaty tips into one beutified-being. Thanks for waving the flag of hairless men Ocar and never quilter from your vision. I hope you make it really far and all your dreams come true !

  • miguel

    For the future we hope something better.

  • NEX

    there’s something in his eyes in positive way.

  • Terence Fuller

    i absolutely see the future in him,i think he could start a new look in the industry….i deff. want to model check me out on facebook.(adddddd meee)

  • naz

    those two hair-less armpits! Amazing neck!

  • Ren

    he takes great 3/4 and profile pictures. LOVE his cheekbones. idk about the frontal facial pics. maybe he looks more stunning in real life. i like this one.

  • K

    OMG yesss. He has perfect skin!!! Stunning.