Daily Duo: Kimanie



From Montego Bay, Jamaica, Kimanie was discovered by scout Jonathan Keller and has swept into New York like the coolest of breezes after a long hot summer. This guy is total perfection. It’s not often that we struggle with adjectives, but in the case of Kimanie, what can we say… just wow! Signed in the US exclusively with Hollywood Model Management, Kimanie has recently shot for Hercules Magazine with Paola Kudacki. A keen amateur chef, Kimanie only just missed out on a spot on Masterchef, but we hear a cookbook may be in the works. But now firmly entrenched in modeling, Kimanie is really cookin’ up a storm!


Full Name:
Kimanie Farquharson

183cm / 6′0″

Place of Origin:
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Date of Birth:
October 23


Mother Agency:
Jonathan Keller MGMT

Los Angeles:
Hollywood Model Management LA (Los Angeles)

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  • Charlie

    Kimanie, what a man!
    So strong yet with a youthfulness in his eyes.

  • Handsome fellow!! best of luck to you K…


  • Wow, what a great face, with a youthful touch and stunning physique. I see Kimanie going incredibly far in the industry and I wish him all the best.


  • I fell in love with his photos. Black Diamond. XxJonathan

  • iVAN e.

    Even skin tone, skin looks flawless. A mature yet extremely youthfull look, I wouldn’t be suprised to see him in major events/campaigns.

  • dehala morales

    Very handsome young man…..A work of art in motion! Best of luck to you.

  • campbell

    u looking good keep up the good work ,i know u have it in you

  • W

    .Unique & Sexy.

  • rudy

    Looking good my friend…

  • M

    Incredible. Beautiful skin and eyes.

  • What a great looking young man. His bone structure is just tremendously delightful.

  • Ron Bonet

    Darkness!! Striking image. He’s the best!

  • Gi

    Very interesting face and beautiful eyes. Very exotic too.

  • Ali g

    Looks like he can pass for Jeneil Williams’ brother. lol! His features are absoltely strong and distinct. He has a lot of potential. Keep it up.

  • wow what a beauty.

  • He could definitely pass for Jeneil’s brother! Great bone structure. Does this mean tho that more scouts will come to Jamaica and scout models and cut out the middle man (i.e. the local mother agencies)? If so not sure how I feel about that. But at the end of the day as long as the kids are the ones benefitting and more are given the opportunities they truly deserve and wouldn’t have otherwise then more power to you Mr. Keller. And if so…keep scouting in the rural areas (i.e. the Nothern belt) of St. James, St. Elizabeth, St. Mary, St. Ann, Portland, St. Thomas, etc. The kids there are gorgeous with the most amazing skin tone. And the boys…well you see for yourself.

  • JOE

    Kim I see the sky is no more the limit…Great stuff and all the best.



  • GabE

    I just can´t find a propper adjective to describe him. He´s matchless, unbeatable. Thumbs up