Daily Duo: Tunde



Hungarian/Canadian newcomer Tunde is anything but run of the mill. Currently studying lingerie design at the London College of Fashion, this girl has almost an exaggerated lushness that is captivating and quite different. Her look is intriguing – a beauty that brings to mind the distinctive and creatively provocative icons Cordula Reyer and Malgosia. Cool, healthy and over the top – we think Tunde is in the right place at the right time.


Full Name:
Tunde Kiss

175cm / 5′9″
85 cm / 33.5″
64 cm / 25.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
March 15


Mother Agency:
Attractive Models

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  • jake

    she looks like that vampire from ‘true blood’; eric’s minion person. i like her, she seems promising but the lips are a little too big for my taste.

  • :)

    She is f’in AMAZING. a little Rianne ten haken, a little Adina Fohlin.
    absolutely gorgeous, I hope she makes it big time.

  • ccbb

    This girl is totally striking!Her features are just beautiful and I actually like that shes kind of curvey.It would be great to see her being successful without losing any weight.Shes SEXY AND CHIC!

  • she is absolutely exqusite!!! I could imagine that some would want her to lose weight, but I think that she is absolutely perfect the way she is. A disturbing beauty she has.

  • She’s a beauty. Bringing back womanly features/curves with style.

  • i

    Plus size fever!!!:)

  • Tracy jones

    Plus size? AS IF! Have you not seen any of her other work? There’s a photo somewhere of her in a William Wilde LATEX dress, I’d like to see a plus size model fit into that. She’s exquisite, perfect proportions, hope she makes it big

  • ali

    Yes someone curvy,

    Her Polaroids are very different to her actual shoots. She looks quite masculine in her polaroids, but very sexy, feminine & curvy in the other photos.

    Great girl,

  • Franka

    weird comment: PLus-size ??? Because she has boobs ?

    A real plussize is much bigger, she’s a normal size: curvy/female.

    She has a beautyful face (only the red lips are not my thing), I can’t wait to see more of her.

  • olivier

    she is not a plus size ! she rocks , love her face

  • nek

    she is beautiful, i love her body and i wish her well

  • Rubiii

    she’s pretty with a makeup.

  • if a 25.5” waist at 5’9” is plus size, then i have some major working out to do. she’s unique and enthralling.

  • A little tweaking here and there and this girl is dynamite. I love her sexy, exotic look.


  • kt

    love the lips don’t like the hair style!



  • miss dom

    she is ammmazing!!!i want!

  • Xanax

    What a beautiful woman! Those eyes, the luscious lips and her beautiful 90s supermodel type of body, truly stunning!

  • Lily

    Amanda Lepore meets Kelly Mittendorf, love it!

  • aXINA

    Classic beauty!
    85 cm / 33.5″
    64 cm / 25.5″
    90 cm / 35.5″

    ………………………that’s what you call plus size? Ok, that’s ill…

  • Stunning ! Love the B&W`s !!!


  • spankydeluv


  • Thalles

    She reminds Ana Beatriz Barros. Gorgeous model with strong features

  • Elen

    comment # 20
    classic beauty?? She is obviously not a classic beauty (check antique sculpture – this is example of what actually considered classic). It just puzzles me how often people confuse “pretty” and “beautiful”, so that the latter one loses its meaning…

    As for the model: great body (not a plus size), but don’t like her nose (masculine profile).

  • Mat M

    I’m very proud of this girl.

  • lips

    Role Model! Nice to see some soul shine through and not a cut-out-cardboard girl! Gorgeous eyes and lips, not so typically White, I could see her in a Great Gatsby shoot or even nineties Rrrriot Girl…London and NY scene will snap her fast! xx

  • peggy

    hello tunde, me and the girls miss you.
    when are you coming back so we can watch bad girls again?
    with all the kitty love in the world,

  • amelia


  • Are you kiddin’ me? Plus size/curvy?? This must be a joke! She’s got a superbody! She just has to work on her skin condition…

  • peggy

    please come home soon so me, you and amelia can sit and watch de bad gurls like old times. and you can kick me out ov de fridge. you know i lurve it.

    lots of kitten love

  • Sebastian

    Oh my god, those lips, wauw.

  • Clive anderson

    She was featured in an editorial for Anarchy a while ago

    Absolutely stunning, this girl will go far, does anyone know if she has a UK agency??

  • Danielle

    wow what an amazing girl, classically feminine and edgy at the same time!

  • FND

    Jessica Rabbit realness! LOVE!

  • wow! Unique Lips ever! She’s so sexy and beautiful! and i think she’s not curvy at all, she has really nice body.

  • Lu

    I’m going to call it out now, she’ll be the next big thing.

  • Juli Molnar

    A M A Z I N G !!!

  • wow, she’s quite stunning and sexy! she photographs so powerfully! <3


  • HH

    Effin’ hot woman.Jz a coincidence that she can model too.Such a muse!

  • love her face – but – hate shaved hair on the side

  • NEX

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! no doubt at all that she can be a great model.

  • ramona-kay

    She looks a little bit like Adina Fohlin, awesome, clasic.

  • I am the same size as her and when I lived in NYC most of the castings told me I was too big. I’m so glad she made it!

  • Yasmin

    Pretty interesting! Finally something different… I think she’ll do great in this business, because of that!
    BUT: Her polas are horrible! And I’m not a fan of her nose from the front… I’d also prefer her with not shaved hair.

  • ruth

    she needs anew haircut, now

  • leanna

    She is the absolute perfect size. Kudos to her for being a confident, REAL beauty! Autentic, realistic beauty is what the world wants to see.

  • danielle

    i just wanted to come back and say that this is one of my favorite girls so far this year, tunde is amazing!