Originally from Fastov, Ukraine, but now based in Arizona, Aleksey’s talents extend beyond athletics (varsity swimming, varsity football, wrestling & volleyball) to a natural ability to model. Visiting NY with his parents back in late July, Aleksey was spotted on the N train by Wil Hill of Q Model Management and quickly signed. With just test shots and polaroids to showcase his toned body and elegant cheekbones, Aleksey’s look is a Euro-American blend of bad ass beauty.


Full Name:
Aleksey Yakovchuk

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Fastov, Ukraine (based in Arizona, USA)

Date of Birth:
June 20


Mother Agency:
Q Model Management NY

  • jake


  • jessica

    yea i don’t see anything special he just looks like an average school boy lol Bad ass i don’t think so

  • NEX

    mmm, there’s a potential. just need more practicing.

  • ” he just looks like an average school boy ” what school did you go to?!
    I think he has a appealing boyish cheeky expression and a stunning body.

  • He is quite beautiful actually, he emanates confidence and innocence. I see potential

  • ALI

    Cheeky chappy, & youthful

  • tomáš

    he is beautiful but he looks like actor not model..

  • miguel

    No es el tipo de modelo que a mí personalmente más me gusta,sin embargo nadie puede resistirse a los encantos de éste chico.Encontrar un modelo de éstas características y semejante potencial es difícil.Creo que es bastante bueno,tiene muy buena cara,un encanto y atractivo muy sexy que lo hace irresistible y a la vez tiene una imagen muy dulce.

  • With poise poses.. He definitely look good.. :))

  • Felix Z

    I wanna marry with him!!!

  • Vita


  • Vitalina

    He does look like an actor.

  • Vita

    He does look more like an actor !!!