Japanese/Brazilian beauty Paula is from Curitiba in southern Brazil. This soulful and sultry girl was scouted at a Japanese party three years ago, but opted to complete her education. Now ready to take on the world of modeling, Paula is signed to Why Not in Milan and is on her way to NY where she is placed with Muse. All gorgeous eyes, long limbs and attitude, we can’t wait to see more!


Full Name:
Paula Kawanishi

178cm / 5′10″
82 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Curitiba, Brazil

Date of Birth:
February 8 1988


Mother Agency:
Nass Model Management

Muse Management

Why Not Model Management

  • really cool, no words from my side i want to post this girl on my webpage

  • Lucia

    Definitely, next super topmodel..!

  • GP

    so hot so exotic!!This is the kind of Asian face I adored. I hope she will be the next big thing.
    Good Luck, girl.

  • She’s a pretty indeed, but I don’t like her snaps that much. Of course, she’s nice

  • brazil already have bruna tenorio, a brazilian-japonese girl. But Paula is on her way.i really can see future on her. good choice guys!

  • stacey

    such an interesting mix of ethnicity.

  • This girl is drop dead gorgeous. Paula has a one of a kind beauty that transcends all nationalities. What I love though is that she has the face of an angel – the perfect mix of innocence and allure, but without the Victoria’s Secret body. I hope this girl is noticed by high end fashion houses (Givenchy, McQueen, Gaulthier) and tears up the runways of Milan and Paris…

  • Aktagalo

    LOVE HER! She is hot!

  • juan palacios

    really hot … a beautiful japanese girl …sexy

  • Erika Kaisik

    Que gata Braseilera! : )))

  • Nigel S.

    Wow! She’s simply incredible. What a face!

  • Erwin

    Stunning beauty, although her face is not perfectly symmetrical and her looks are almost the same from all pictures. Hope she is not a one trick pony. But stunning for sure.

  • Nick Sue

    Wow it was a good wake this daily duo! This girl is just gorgeous, I love asian models and am sure all the people in the business who will look for a Asian will pick up this one…the weirdest thing I have as a feeling is that being Brazilian japanese by the pictures here she could be a Beligian model from the Belgian fever last decade…I might be to confuse to be understood but making it short…she can have an amazing career!

  • she reminds me very much of former Finnish top model Ninja Sarasalo. but with a sharper chin.

  • juan palacios

    Hi Erwin … even having the same look in all those pictures … she looks stunning … it’s hard to do a lot of faces since the “portfolio” pictures are just 4 … the rest are polas …


  • Wooow! She is adorable!!!

  • will young


  • Wonderful girl.

  • this girl is gonna go far.


  • She looks amazing!! Mixed girls always have interesting/beautiful faces :)

  • .wow!.. gota the love the look!.. but i hate to say it that bruna is going to fall… but still i love bruna!!

  • Shawaanda

    Can’t stop looking at this girl, this japanese and brazilian mix results in perfection not having perfection completelly…and it becomes just fascinating and unique! This girl is right the type of girl you see a photo and you feel you wanna wear exactelly the same what she is wearing in a desperate trial to look as misteriously sexy as she does!

  • Josephine

    I feel so happy to see more and more GORGEOUS girls in fashion, and I don’t mean only commercial girl but editorial too, this one in particular is perfect what I love in a model, she has this amazing asian hazel eyes that drives anyone crazy! I hope we will see more of her soon!

  • Manolokakis

    I see somehow a little bit of Anja Rubik in the sixth pic! Love her!

  • Yoko

    No kidding she is brazilian, She is Japaneseeeee! Well maybe I agree to share the nationality with Brazil.
    She will be in a list having Ai Tominaga, Tao Okamoto and Paola Kawanishi as Japanese top models!

  • Silvio Lazio

    OMG I got a phone call from a friend saying I had to check her profile here! She is an Asian Goddess, Thank you for this gift!

  • jluc

    Amazing… refined features of the Japanese backed up by that distinct sizzle of a Latina.

  • big al

    I HOPE, that the market is open to different kind of girls and from different countries.

  • She has a really cool look :)

  • mk

    really unique interesting and exotic beautiful girl. she caught my eye out of all the others! would love to see more of her!

  • ACG

    all I can say is … :0 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh ! … she’s totally ooooh ! … I mean … oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

  • Richard Ducker

    She is so sexy, I think Brazilians are the most beautiful people in the world because of the mix, and about Paula what I can say is:
    WHAT A MIX!!!!!!!!!!!! God luck girl you better do it!

  • abby road

    penetrating eyes

  • atp

    I think she has the dree attitude

  • Steve Cronsen

    The best thing from Brazil this season! Hot Hot Hot!

  • pat

    finaly not a 12year old baby girl. she is awesome. i’m looking forward to see her on catwalks and in magazines :D

  • pat

    to seeing*

  • HH

    Beautiful mixed girl!~!!!

  • not too young but i hope shes doing great. i like her gaze – My blog about New Faces ;)

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