Working every day since being signed, Amanda is further evidence that California girls are proving to be unforgettable. Though a little under ideal model height, this fabulously freckled redhead has already shot with notable photographers such as Michel Compte and LA fixture Tony Duran. Scouted by Photogenics at a cafe, Amanda is just that – totally and absolutely photogenic.


Full Name:
Amanda Smith

173cm / 5′8″
82 cm / 32″
58 cm / 23″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
California, USA

Date of Birth:
July 7


Mother Agency:

Muse Management

  • indiekid

    She’s gorgeous! i love red heads. She reminds me of Sissy Spacek.

  • stace

    I like here. I hope the industry continues to explore outside their “ideals” because there’s some great girls out there that don’t fit the ideals, but go beyond them.

  • sheng

    yeah,….she is very good looking

  • Ali

    Hopefully her slight lack of height won’t limit her, well it says in description that she’s been working every day so obviously it hasn’t.

    Versatile, looks different in every photo. Very beautiful.

  • Very beautiful. I love the first photo!

  • wow, amazing face. One of the best i´ve seen recently!

  • NEX

    I always adore with red haired girl ‘cos they have a mystique beauty. about the spots, I love it because that’s what we called as natural beauty. about her skill in modeling, no doubt at all that she can be a supermodel.

  • Julien

    She’s the twin of Chantal Stafford Abbott @ Marilyn, they are identical its crazy!

  • erika

    Very unusual, very beautiful… a real standout! Reminds me of Cintia Dicker.

  • jeffrey Rue

    She’s PERFECT!!

  • jeffrey Rue

    She is the perfect medium for make-up…she has the style and the poise…with the right agent she will go far

  • promising like CYNTHIA DICKER!! nybody remembers that sexy redhead from brazil, a couple of years ago??..

    well you realy have to be in a GREAT modeling agency, coz shes in those “where are they now” files 0_o?

  • RB

    wow, 1 inch under model height. reading the description I thought she was going to be 5’6/ 5’7. Cant really tell the difference anyway from being 5’8. Plenty of agencies lie about some of the girls heights. Anyway she’s gorg and Im sure will book many jobs

  • patrick

    very pretty love ginger!!!!

  • YES. This young woman has it. I agree with comment #2 and wish there was more girls like her in the industry.

  • miguel

    She is really pretty,it cannot be denied,but not stressed by nothing special.American models of the same style we have seen many.Although after 15 years seeing of models from Eastern Europe,this style of girl like much.

  • Yay for redheads! She’s pretty :)

  • Born to model. If anything, her height makes her even more unique to the modeling world. You can’t ignore that face. I hope to see more of her :D

  • rafa


  • Blackleatherhat

    Love every freckle.

  • Angela

    Look, she is absolutely gorgeous. But her face is not necessarily photogenic. It´s kind of odd in every photo.

  • anlabe

    She looks like Olga in the first pic.

  • Redheads always catch my eyes, but wow.

  • YESSS i remember seeing her on ben trovado. posted immediately. go girl.

  • Laura

    She looks like soccer player Megan Rapinoe!

  • HH

    GEEZ I love her!Keep goin!

  • KEZ

    She is seriously gorgeous. Besides the freckles and the red hair, she looks nothing like Sissy Spacek. Her features are perfection!

  • Yasmin

    Cato Van Ee + Cintia D. = Amanda

  • hammy

    Too bad she is too short. And unfortunatelly it can be noticed

  • steve

    amanda smith i now you i from puerto rico an i now you in the carnival cruse inspiration in the year 2000 i was 14 year and you 13