Born in China, living in Singapore by the age of 13, then onto Berlin and finally landing in Florida for university, Samantha’s big break came in yet another city – New York. Scouted whilst sightseeing in Manhattan, Samantha’s first job was shooting a beauty story with Bjorn Iooss for Vogue Italia. With her lean, elegant lines and an innocence that is memorable, we expect to see Samantha make an impact at the shows next month. And bring on the shoots in far flung, exotic locations – this girl is travel ready!


Full Name:
Samantha Xiaoting Xu

178cm / 5′10″
82 cm / 32″
58 cm / 23″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Shanxi, China

Date of Birth:
June 9


Mother Agency:
Muse Management

  • april

    nothing special…..

  • GP

    She is beautiful especialy love her full lips.

  • Stunning !!!

  • kitkat

    i saw her in person a few times…there are a lot of asian girls running around who look a lot like her–the short, square face and wide jaw. she will be good on the runway but not quite sure about anything longer than that…

  • models

    the face is too square

  • RRRaul415

    It’s interesting how she looks so different from the first images to the image with the pale pink dress…I think the look (face) in the pink dress should be further developed and don’t push the more sultry look.

  • Katrina

    Love her lips! Muse is sure up and coming with all these great models.


    Damn girl we have such a similar background (except that I’m not a model)! Wish you the best luck :)

  • subnormal magazine

    Having seen and interviewed literally thousands of models over the years, we can say that YES, Samantha IS very special and a rare beauty that shoots very well with dynamic angularity and presence. Any one that says otherwise is either (a) Jealous, (b)racist (c) hates women including perhaps their own gender or (d) all of the above. Hats off to you beautiful Samantha! Having haters means you have something they never will. – subnormal

  • Yes the lips. I love Asian models because they have such a versatility and can morph into any look, while still being quite distinctive. Natural chameleons.

  • ann


  • Evr

    SHE IS STUNNING!!!! love her pics!

  • HH

    I…don’t see so much in her,but her lips,YESS!

  • beautiful model! great lips & cheek bones, overall unique look :)

  • Trina

    whats up with hating on the asian new faces on here??? She is beautiful!

  • She’s beautiful, in pictures and in person. Haters will always hate.

  • Curtis

    Support for Asian models!

  • NEX

    she is so gorgeous. my favorite shots are the second and the third. what a supermodel!

  • I had a shooting with her one year ago, her first picture you can see here is one of our shooting, and I can say she is a really natural, talented and fantastic model with such a passion for her Job! I really love her!

  • hammy

    Nothing special, she looks like any chinese girls. And her legs are too strong, not skinny enough.

  • LG

    I don’t understand why people are so against her. First of all, whoever said she looks like every other Chinese girl is ignorant. They obviously can’t tell Asians apart from one another, which is some what racist. But anyways, she is beautiful. Sure she doesn’t have the engaging blue eyes, but she is enchanting.

  • Tw

    Shes okay, wont last too long but will get some work since shes flexible to to pose nude. I’m not a fan

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