Daily Duo: Tasha



Blonde tresses, huge blue eyes and a delicately elegant body combine to give this 16 year old newcomer all the right attributes to leave a lasting impression. Hailing from from Tolyatti, Russia, a region known more for its darkly sinister underbelly than as a place of beauty, Tasha has an ingenue-like allure that could light up a room. Totally new and brimming with potential, Tasha is ready to take on the world.


Full Name:
Tasha Sapojnikova

175cm / 5′9″
81 cm / 32″
57 cm / 23″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Tolyatti, Russia

Date of Birth:
December 7


Mother Agency:
Ultra Models

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  • the first pic is superb!

  • Danielle

    Wow her eyes are amazing

  • indiekid

    dem eyes!

  • lach88atrop

    reminds me of masha novoselova.

  • freia

    how old is she? 12 years old? how irresponsible to let the little girl model and teach her wrong and dangerous values.
    shame on you. she should go to school

  • Kassidy

    She looks like she’s 12

  • I see a little Frida Gustavsson with her hair pulled back.

    Lovely girl xx


  • erika

    This girl is simply amazing. She has a unique look that sets her apart from the usual crop of tall, blonde eastern europeans & her eyes are mesmerizing!

  • miguel

    Poco interesante y nada guapa.

  • Sebastian

    She’s stunning. She definitely be a supermodel, she has the look (and I think she’ll do it well in the haute-couture shoots). But she seems to be under the age of 16. So please darling, finish school first! Education above everything, you can be a model after school, too!

    • Tasha is 16.

  • M

    You can’t judge her age based on the way she looks, especially in modeling, as models.com wouldn’t necessarily feature a model under the age of 16. To say that she is 12 and end up being 16 like rosie said, make your comments completely irrelevant.

    On a more positive note, definitely going to see a lot of her hopefully in couture?

  • wow she looks so young! but if she’s 16 then it’s ok ;)


  • Nicole

    Super pretty, I love the first pic. Her eyes are amazing!

  • she’s got an intriguing look to her & i’m excited to see where her career goes!

    & as for her being only 16, more power to her. it’s her & her family’s business alone to determine her schooling. she could have completed it already or is doing so while working. modeling is a time-sensitive career, everyone should really just back down about her age as it’s really not your place.

  • Lillie

    I see a little Frida Gustavsson mixed with Sasha Pivovarova (another Russian beauty). Just my personal opinion.

  • Trez

    what a beautiful big eyes! and her cute little gap teeth. she can be an unique model,especially in editorial.

  • HH

    The wonders of young..if all combines then it would all spells TASHA.. =D Hope she will model seriously aft school

  • Yasmin

    She looks like a normal school girl… a bit boring

  • Franco

    She is so cute she truly is a celebration of the perfection of beauty with her sweet charm and the delicacy of her figure. Permit me to wish her all the best.

  • she looks like frida

  • K

    Wow… Beautiful eyes!!! She does nottt look 16!

  • Gary

    All of you that think she’s 12, your a bunch of idiots. I know a couple of her cousins here in North Carolina, she’s 16, soon to be 17.