Daily Duo: Gints



Scouted working in a clothing store in Amsterdam, Latvian born Gints has a very strong look that will be successful across a range of markets. There’s nothing delicate or ethereal about this boy! Intense brown eyes, wide mouth and a defined jawline put Gints in the all man category. But his look has depth, not unlike a mix between Tyson Ballou and Sam Way. Yep, Gints is ready to rumble!


Full Name:
Gints Linbergs

183cm / 6′0″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
September 25


Mother Agency:
A MEN Amsterdam

Sight Management

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  • miguel

    Este chico si que tiene posibilidades de llegar a ser un top model o por lo menos bastante importante,porque lo vamos a ver en todos los desfiles y en las mejores campañas publicitarias.Tiene buena cara,muy buena fotogenia y muchisimo atractivo.

  • great look!!

  • Sofia

    I see Tyson Ballou and River Phoenix

  • LEe

    He reminds me a bit of Matvey, but with slightly softer features. I like him! It’s also nice to see someone who’s a little shorter than 6’2″.
    Como dijo Miguel, tiene potencial.

  • Joao

    I hope this 183 cm height thing becomes sort of like a trend, then I’ll be able to model! :)

  • spankydeluv

    *☆¸.•*´¨`*•✿⊱ :: Divine !!!*****⊰✿•*´¨`*•.¸☆*

  • Trez

    not so editorial, but still can be success in commercial.