Daily Duo: Monica J.



Monica was scouted on the streets of Budapest by a photographer who took her to the casting of the VM Supermodel contest (where she ended up being a finalist). With such a strong look, Monica is certain to garner lots of interest. Now signed with DNA NY and Viva in both Paris and London, we expect to see Monica in Paris early next year. This kid has already perfected an iconic runway strut and her test shots show her unique editorial potential. Stay tuned for the meteoric rise of Monica.


Full Name:
Monika Jablonczky

181cm / 5′11.5″
82 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Budapest, Hungary

Date of Birth:
December 4


Mother Agency:
VM Model

DNA Models

Viva Model Management

Viva London

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  • There is something in her :) I like her in tests, waiting for more

    http://focusonthem.blogspot.com – About New Faces ;)

  • tricky

    her ears are so badly funny, btw she has a strong look. a lilbit boring.

  • her shoulders look wide in the first snapshot, but I like a lot the rest of her body..

  • G.Natan

    j’ador chloe sevigny!

  • grow her hair long and darken it!

  • roo


  • I love this face!<3

  • km f

    maybe. models.com please give us a girl that’s unique from the status quo!!

  • Amazing look. I’d work with her.

  • kitkat

    Wow is she skinny! She has the perfect clothes hanger body–super tall, shoulders broader than the rest of her body which tapers downwards. I would love to see a video of her walk and less eye makeup in the digitals.

    I’m not sure about her beauty and commercial potential though. Her face is a little asymmetrical in the eyes/jaw and her features aren’t as lush as most commercial friendly models. I can see her with an exclusive high fashion career…

  • Her ears….bother me so much.

    Other that that, lots of potential. Tape those ears back and we’re in business! :p


  • charlotte

    model version of serena van der woodsen

  • bo

    frankie rayder??

  • NEX

    she is absolutely great, but i’m a little bit worry with her skinny body. it’s a pity because she has a great shoulder, but not so balance with her body.

  • Yasmin

    i see also frankie rayder and chloe s. !
    I had to laugh so bad when I saw those ears in the 5th digital, sorry!