Billy the kid hails from Pennsylvania and was scouted whilst training for a league soccer championship. Now signed with Ford NY, Billy recently shot a great campaign and has also has an editorial coming out in a cutting edge magazine. Fresh faced, athletic and with a clear blue eyed handsomeness, Billy’s appeal is faultless.


Full Name:
Billy Morgan

183cm / 6′0″

Place of Origin:
Clearfield, Pennsylvania, USA

Date of Birth:
July 17


Ford Models

Vision LA

  • not the most prettiest of faces,,, pergaps with age. his too young looking.

  • Not on the guest list

    He looks like Bo Ackerson, but a bit less manly than Bo

  • april

    commercial…will do
    high fashion…nah….

    not really sure about this one

  • Quite a flawless look and strong physique. In most his photos, his face tells one story.

  • ALI

    I like him, not obviously good-looking, but has something

  • i think that he hav a rare but nice look!
    very interting style =)

    CONGRATS =) have fun,if I were you shoes I would do =)


  • Orm

    hahah whats up with the first two hating comments?! Of course this boy is gorgeous, good body and beautiful face. A top male model in the making…

  • jim

    This kid is straight commercial. i see nothing with high fashion at all. good body but definitely not a top model in fashion.

  • NEX

    what a body! i love his deep blue eyes. they’re so mysterious. definitely has a potential in modeling.

  • Stacey

    He has a Pouty face !!
    Im Loving the seconde picture !

  • Dsh

    I still think it is weird that just 4 years ago yesterday I was walking at High school graduation with this kid. he has come pretty far. I wish him the best. Hopefully he won’t forget where he came from.