Scouted by a photographer in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Luiz has all the attributes we have come to expect from the boys of that part of the world – a beautiful exoticism, fabulous body, an ease in front of the camera, and a good dose of that old South American charm. Luiz definitely embodies everything we love about Brazil!


Full Name:
Luiz Paulo

Dark Brown
187cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Birth:
August 23 1989


Mother Agency
L’Equipe Agence

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  • anen

    he looks asian/indian which is interesting
    doesn’t look that tall need to see more pics

  • Dimitris

    Tyson Ballou much? In the first pic at least!

  • This guy is amazing … his beauty is really different and interesting. He looks Asian / indian…american native /Havaiian…This is exactly what the fashion world like I have no doubt that he will be a success.

  • Erika Kaisik

    Ola Luiz! Muito Beleza !! Typical Brazilian w/ large combo of nationalities in one gorgeous guy!

  • Nikko

    OMG! yum! :D

  • RRRaul415

    Great look! He has that Selina Khan-esque multi-racial quality.

  • Very exotic looking. I love the combination of his smaller eyes with his darker skin tone, cheekbones, hair, and damn can he deliver a picture?! He embodies luxury to me. This guy is $$$

  • Shanilia

    D-D-D-DAMMMMM! phewww he is one gorrrgeous guy. My day suddenly went from bad to good :)



  • Antoine Pierre Rinné

    Luiz is not only handsome, he is what people could call an unic human being. I wish you all success my friend ! and Congrats for that ! Antz

  • jluc

    Nice Southeast Asian-Brazilian blend. Definitely a unique and strong look.